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Pants/Trouser Trends for Autumn - Winter 2021-2022

Always where you don't expect them to be, the pants are more couture than in previous seasons. But what are the models that autumn - winter 2021-2022 Fashion Week has left in its wake?

Because they are an undisputed staple of the universal wardrobe, the pants have more reason to see their aesthetic revisited by fashion designers. And it didn't take less for fashion houses to breathe new life into traditional jeans, tracksuits and pleated pants that sometimes lack a bit of madness.

Pants/Trouser trends for autumn-winter 2021-2022

Pleated jeans

The pleated pants are available this time in denim. Immaculate at the row and high waist. Pleated jeans are the fashion guarantee to consider this autumn winter.

Pleated trousers

Far from the old-fashioned and strict image it conveyed, pleated pants are one of the pants trends. Pleated trousers are the added value of the seasonal dressing room.

Leather pants

Notice to fashionistas who aspire to play tough. The leather pant is undoubtedly the pants which will cause the most sensation in a few weeks. And for good reason, the leather pants are the leader of the troops.

Cargo pants

Like a good soldier, the cargo pants are rising in rank and making their mark in the autumn-winter 2021-2022 fashion trend book. But this time, it seems that his military aesthetic has been swapped by a sportswear-chic allure.


Never boring again, the leggings soften their curves to embrace those of pat-down pants. Proof that this essential method of confinement has indeed adopted a more connected attitude.


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