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Plump Buttocks: How to Dress to Enhance Them?

Because it is a shame to camouflage yourself under a sad and loose outfit. We give you some morpho-fashion tips to make your voluptuous buttocks a real asset.

Too round, too soft, too big … The buttocks are still a source of complexes for many women. And yet, when you know how to highlight them, these pretty curves have it all. Learn to tame them by wearing the right outfits.

Buttocks rebound - our morpho advice

Do you find your buttocks too bulky? Don't hide it! Instead, find the right balance to feel feminine and comfortable at the same time. Overshirt, blazer, skirt… There are fashionable pieces that will help you take charge of your round buttocks.

Dare the fancy tops

Choose colourful tops on your upper body to look away from your butt. Likewise, bet on low-cut pieces to enhance your shoulders and your chest.

Look for a nice jacket

Complete your look with a mid-length jacket fitted in the shape of an hourglass. Overshirt, kimono, denim jacket… You are spoiled for choice!

At the bottom, avoid too fine materials

Choose materials that will enhance your curves without amplifying them. To do this, avoid lightweight linen or thin cotton pants, which wrinkle easily and sometimes show cellulite. Jeans, on the other hand, are your allies. Straight, mum, bootcut or boyfriend models with a high waist will enhance your figure. When it comes to colours, forget your old beliefs that only dark suits you. Dare blue jeans, brown, beige, yellow ...

Show off the skirts!

The straight and A-line cuts will perfectly suit your body type, whatever the length. A preference for dresses? Go for a fluid model belted at the waist or for an oversized shirt dress that will make you sexier than ever! High-waisted shorts reaching mid-thigh will also enhance your curves.

Wear suitable lingerie

The right lingerie can work wonders, just as poorly chosen underwear can accentuate those small flaws. Avoid at all costs panties whose seams are too tight: they tend to draw a visible bead through your pants. Opt instead for classic panties or a tanga that will support your buttocks well without cutting them or for sculpting lingerie if you want to firm your buttocks. But above all, be sure to choose a model in which you feel comfortable!

And the accessories?

Avoid loaded, bling-bling and lacquered belts: they accentuate the volume effect in the middle of the body. Wear heels or wedge shoes to lengthen your legs and feminise your style. Avoid large handbags that add extra volume. Go for a mid-size bag that will balance your outfit.

Love yourself as you are

Keep in mind that your self-confidence is your best bet. Be kind to your body. Learn to love it. No doubt, you will shine more than with any outfit!


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