Professional Outfits: From Summer to Autumn

The changes of seasons and especially the transition from summer to autumn will allow you to diversify your look. In search of the best compromise to adapt your outfits for the arrival of autumn, you can showcase your wise side but also be out of the ordinary. How to play with the codes of this season and make them your own? Give free rein to your desire to create and do not shy away from your pleasure in front of your mirror.

Choose a jacket or a coat

You want to add a warmer garment to your pretty summer dress to cope with the cooler morning and evening temperatures, a straight blazer is a good choice to show off your waist.

For better comfort at work, check that you do not feel constrained in your movements, both in the arms and in the chest. For the outside, a woollen cloth coat, with an impeccable fall on the shoulders and whose length exceeds that of the dress, will be perfect and will reveal your elegant gait. Your allure will be perfectly suited to the professional style.

Wear an unbuttoned vest or over-shirt