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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying New Clothes…

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Imagine the question "how much does it cost?" is not on the list!

Do I like clothes? Is it the right size? Is it in my budget? When shopping, these three questions often alone determine whether or not you will leave the shop with a bag in your hands. And sometimes, it's not bad like that: where is the pleasure in a shopping session if you stop being spontaneous and having fun? The thing is, once the desire has been fulfilled (or the lack filled, for real shopaholics!). Certain clothes never leave our closet for any reason X or Y - because we do not know when to wear them because we don't like them that much etc. Well, what if we stop the mess and finally carry everything that sits in our closet? To make this utopia real, we share with you the useful questions to ask yourself before buying clothes. And you will see that afterwards, your purchases will all be well advised;)

What will I wear with it?


Strangely, we don't ask ourselves this question enough before buying. For jeans, a t-shirt or a coat, the question may seem trivial, but some pieces are not so easy to combine, and we sometimes realize it too late. You fell in love with this gold sequin dress in the shop, but once you get home, the inspiration doesn't come to you. Before buying clothes, the idea is to determine several looks (at least 3, it's not bad!).


When will I wear it?


You bought yourself a cute little short dress that you love. The problem is that except in the evening, you really can't imagine wearing it: it would be too daring at the office and inadequate during a family meal. The result, you wear it in the evening, very well, except that you go out once a week to break everything and that you do not want to wear it every time. Do you see the problem? So before buying clothes, make sure that you can (or know-how) to wear it on various occasions - that your wedding outfit can also be worn in the city, that your oversized sweatshirt will not be just for Sunday and that your pumps will not only see the floor of nightclubs.

Is it different from my other clothes?


If it's to buy yet another black jumpsuit, is it worth it? Having the same style of clothes in your closet - 5 high-waisted jeans, 10 loose jumpers, 7 pairs of ankle boots - it's not a problem if they all have their distinctive mark, their individuality. And then when we know what suits us, why choose something else? But if it's all those carbon copies, what's the point? In short, if you are spending your money on a new item of clothing, make sure that it has something different (a pattern, a material, a colour, a cut, a style ...) to vary the pleasures and compose new outfits. Your looks will be even more unique.

Does it have the potential to last you for years?


OK, some parts don't have the potential to last a lifetime because eventually, they wear out, tarnish, or even stop fitting. And it does not matter! On the other hand, if you buy this gold sequin dress knowing full well that you won't be wearing it again next season, forget about it and prefer to adopt the trend with a more timeless garment or accessory. Unless you resell or trade-in clothes that you no longer wear. When you go shopping, ask yourself this question: "Do I risk getting bored with it, or is it a good investment?”.

Do these clothes look like me?


Sometimes, we can fall in love with an unexpected outfit; a superb winter maxi dress printed with flowers, hyper rock leather pants, an imposing frilly top, a pleated and metallic midi skirt ... because she caught our eye in the shop or that we saw a blogger wearing it beautifully. And presto, it's in the basket. But once we put it on, we don't feel comfortable. This piece does not look like us - we don't wear it so confidently; it seems to disguise us. A little advice: forget about these clothes if you know they are not your type.

Maybe by asking yourself all of these questions the next time you go shopping, you'll come home empty-handed. But it may be a "bad" for a good: your wardrobe will then be filled only with useful clothes!


“Buy what you don’t have yet or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping.” ― Karl Lagerfeld


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