Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying New Clothes…

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Imagine the question "how much does it cost?" is not on the list!

Do I like clothes? Is it the right size? Is it in my budget? When shopping, these three questions often alone determine whether or not you will leave the shop with a bag in your hands. And sometimes, it's not bad like that: where is the pleasure in a shopping session if you stop being spontaneous and having fun? The thing is, once the desire has been fulfilled (or the lack filled, for real shopaholics!). Certain clothes never leave our closet for any reason X or Y - because we do not know when to wear them because we don't like them that much etc. Well, what if we stop the mess and finally carry everything that sits in our closet? To make this utopia real, we share with you the useful questions to ask yourself before buying clothes. And you will see that afterwards, your purchases will all be well advised;)

What will I wear with it?


Strangely, we don't ask ourselves this question enough before buying. For jeans, a t-shirt or a coat, the question may seem trivial, but some pieces are not so easy to combine, and we sometimes realize it too late. You fell in love with this gold sequin dress in the shop, but once you get home, the inspiration doesn't come to you. Before buying clothes, the idea is to determine several looks (at least 3, it's not bad!).


When will I wear it?


You bought yourself a cute little short dress that you love. The problem is that except in the evening, you really can't imagine wearing it: it would be too daring at the office and inadequate during a family meal. The result, you wear it in the evening, very well, except that you go out once a week to break everything and that you do not want to wear it every time. Do you se