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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying White Jeans

Messy, magnifying, transparent? Forget your prejudices about white jeans. Over time, it has become a summer essential. So, if you're still hesitating, zoom in on the questions you need to ask yourself before buying those immaculate denim pants that catch your eye.

White jeans can be worn in all seasons and at all ages. When fashion only calls for lightness and colour, white denim stands out as the easiest coloured jeans to adopt to try something other than good old blue jeans.

What thickness for the fabric?

The choice of the thickness of the fabric is a very important step in the purchase of your white pants. Opt for jeans made in a solid and thick cotton canvas. And go for a model containing a tiny bit of elastane that will ensure comfort and flexibility.

Which cut to choose?

For your white jeans, a nice cut is essential. Indeed, light types of denim tend to be magnifying. To enhance your silhouette, opt for a straight cut that suits all body types. Straight jeans with a slightly vintage chic spirit, but above all timeless. Neither fitted nor too wide and subtly high waisted, these are the ideal white jeans. Don't forget that flared jeans are also a good option!

In which model to invest?

There are parts where putting the price is not at all essential. For white jeans, this is not quite the case. Do not hesitate to orient yourself towards a quality brand, specialist in jeans. Don't worry, it's a good investment. At this price, you can wear your jeans for as long as you want. This one will not be damaged; it will keep its shine, and its canvas will always be of such good quality.

What details matter?

White jeans, yes. But stylish white jeans are even better. The details give your denim an original DNA. On the program: a slightly frayed hem at the bottom for rock and summery look, a 7/8th cut to reveal your ankles, silver, or gold buttons to give cachet and why not, a subtle touch of embroidery. On the other hand, avoid faded or destroy effects, which do not combine well with the elegance of the white canvas.

What place for the back pockets?

Finally, the last point to pay attention to, and not the least is the placement of the pockets. To draw your pretty buttocks, whatever your morphology, they must be well-positioned. Opt for a model where they are centred and slightly high to raise your butt like a push-up.


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