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Rock the Blue: How to Wear the Season's Hottest Colour

This season brings a vibrant hue of blue that will be sure to make a statement. From the palest pastel to the deepest navy, there is something for everyone. Pair a navy-blue blazer with a light blue dress for a look that is both classic and modern. Add a pair of bright blue heels to complete the look and make a statement.
Mix different shades of blue for a modern and bold look.

Try pairing a mid-tone blue with a darker navy, or a light sky blue with a vibrant teal.
Add a pop of colour to any look with a blue accessory. Try a bright blue scarf, a navy-blue hat, or a light blue handbag to add a touch of colour to any outfit.

Whether you are dressing for a formal event or a casual outing, blue is the perfect colour. From a navy-blue suit to a light blue dress, the possibilities are endless. From head-to-toe blue to a mix and match of different shades, there are endless ways to wear the blue of the season.

A universally appreciated colour, a blue symbol of serenity and escape has conquered fashion designers this season. We tell you how to wear it.

Your favourite brands are full of colours this winter. Like magenta red, brown, purple, or green, blue is doing well this season. So, you will have no trouble getting azure pieces to brighten up your winter.

Blue, the trendy fashion colour of the season

It’s on the jackets of the season, pants, sweaters, headgear or on bags to energize your dull outfits. It is THE easiest colour to adopt when you want to change your habits of wearing the traditional black or navy. From electric blue to sky blue, through deep turquoise, blue will illuminate all your outfits. To follow suit with the trend, combine basics and fashion pieces with this flagship shade of winter. Worn by touch, or in an all-over version, this shade is tamed in many ways. To play the card of discretion, bet on a single strong coin. The most daring will opt for a shade of blue or a total look for you to see according to your tastes.

How to wear the blue of the season?

For a cool look, mix your trendy jeans with an oversized azure blue sweater stuck nonchalantly in the belt of the pants to give a crazy style. A pair of high sneakers and a banana bag on your XXL coat and voila. Daily, bet on touches of blue, such as a satin blouse that you will combine with your palazzo pants. Another option: blue cotton canvas pants, or the intense blue cashmere sweater, ideal on grey jeans and white sneakers. And for those who love winter white, why not relieve a total white look with a straight sky-blue coat? In the evening, we dare the total bright blue look on a dress accompanied by brown suede boots, or the royal blue trouser suit accompanied by a black turtleneck sweater and coordinated accessories.

What about accessories?

If you prefer to confine yourself to the azure shade on your accessories, you will be spoilt for choices to energize your outfits. Starting with the headgear: caps, hats or the famous winter hood will bring the final touch to your looks. A dark jacket will also be enhanced by the freshness of a sky-blue scarf. And finally, handbags in all their variations (mattresses, half-moon, wands, schoolbags, totes, push bags, buckets) will give a touch of blue to all your looks during the day and evening.

So go ahead and make a statement with blue!


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