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Sandals and Barefoot: The Most Beautiful Models of Summer 2022 To Stay Flat

Heat and sun are finally at the rendezvous. Braided, golden, chic or bohemian, zoom on the hottest flat shoes of the season. Take advantage of it.

Don't know how to walk with heels? Welcome to the club! Forced to give up boots and sneakers for a few months because of the heat. The comfortable and stylish solution is called the sandal. Or even better, the barefoot, which lets the foot breathe while "dressing it". With the heat coming back, it's ideal!

Sandals and barefoot: the most popular models

Golden: nothing like a touch of gold to sublimate skin beautifully tanned by the sun. Always popular, the sandals with crossed straps on the front go from classic to sublime model when they are dressed in gold leather.
Another alternative which works well: metallic and silver models, for a slightly more disco side!

Flanged models: by highlighting the ankle, strapped sandals play in the ultra-femininity category. Especially if you opt for a glamorous colour (red or burgundy) and sunny (yellow or why not tangerine).

Spartans: no summer without a Spartan. The most traditional (Camel leather and rubber sole) have everything for them: maximum comfort and a versatile side that accommodates jeans and beach shorts. As well as long dresses to look beautiful in the evening.

Sandals and barefoot: the trendiest models

Braids: weave, which was thought to be reserved for grandmother's rank-dress, is back in force this season. Already seen last winter on handbags, it is now invited to the feet of fashionistas.

To avoid being too vintage, avoid the granny dress and braided shoe combo, instead play the shift with a monochrome jumpsuit, a shirt dress or a half-calf buttoned skirt.

The Slingback: this two-tone shoe has been experiencing a revival among fashionistas in recent years. Recognisable by its open strap at the back that holds the foot, the "slingback" is transformed to adapt to trends and seasons. It is the perfect model to spend the summer in the city while remaining elegant from start to finish. A white tank top, high-waisted jeans, and flare with a pair of colourful nubuck slingbacks.

Animal touches: snake-effect leather, hairy nubuck, they bring a chic ethnic touch to sandals while remaining easy to wear with all its wardrobe. But the most popular of wild models are still leopard printed sandals.

Don't forget the strong return of the mules this summer (easier to assume than the tap-sock trend that was so much talked about last summer!) and the timeless charm of open ballerinas, a chic alternative to heels!


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