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Should You Tuck Your Shirt in Your Pants?

Timeless in the women's wardrobe, the shirt is your best fashion ally.

Solid or printed, oversized, short, close to the body, or knotted at the waist... There are a thousand and one ways to wear the shirt. But the style question that bothers us concerns the combination of pants and a shirt. Should you tuck your shirt in your pants or not? Depending on the style of the shirt, the looks differ. Remember that your figure must be balanced between the top and the bottom. Consider your morphological assets to highlight yourself. If necessary, avoid drowning in an outfit that is too oversized or tightening in a look that is too close to the body—an overview of the models to fit or not in pants.

The decision to tuck your shirt into your pants is a matter of personal preference. It depends on the occasion and the overall look you are trying to achieve. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to tuck in your shirt:

When should you tuck your shirt in your pants?
Daily, the plain or printed shirt is tucked into your jeans, slightly loose and shoulders back to give a relaxed style. Then twist your outfit with modern details such as an eyelet belt, which will mark your thin waist or a large gold metal mesh necklace worn in a choker. In the evening, combine your silkier shirt with black 7/8 pants, pretty pumps, or precious sandals to bring out the big game. Add colourful necklaces to your open and slightly low-cut shirt, and a pouch will perfect the elegance of this look. Little extra, if the pants are high-waisted, they will be perfect for the smaller ones; they will visually lengthen your figure.
Another option to surf the preppy trend, your white shirt tied under a trouser suit will ensure you an ultra-stylised look. Remember, it's all about balancing the silhouette. If you opt for little wide flare pants or the famous palazzo pants, you must wear a solid or patterned shirt close to the body tucked into the pants. Finally, very stylish jeans shirt models are worn in pants. In total, look with jeans, or white or colourful pants, in leather, velvet, printed... Have fun!

Take the shirt out of your pants!
If you have a rounded belly that you want to hide, the flared or oversized shirt that floats around the body is a perfect compromise to camouflage your imperfections while having a modern style. How to wear it? Totally out with straight or close-fitting pants, add a pair of boots or pumps to gain height. Otherwise, remove a single section of the shirt, guaranteed style effect.
Another possibility is the short straight-cut shirt, which stops at the waist. You will wear it if you have an X-morphism. It will give you a minimalist and precise look. However, it is better to adapt the length of the pants and favour shorter models such as jeans cut with free edges or coloured cotton canvas pants at the ankle length.

Tie the shirt at the waist!
Another possibility at the arrival of sunny days, why not tie your shirt at the waist? It gives a crazy style that you can warm up, if necessary, with a spring jacket or a mid-length knit cardigan.

Wearing the open shirt well
You can also wear the open shirt on a t-shirt or tank top, like wearing a blazer jacket on pants, bet on the available denim shirt or the plain or printed cotton shirt. Finally, the long shirt is the modern and trendy tunic version very pretty on loose pants, worn with flat sandals or moccasins at the beginning of the season. Think about it!
Ultimately, the decision to tuck your shirt in your pants comes down to your preference and the occasion you are dressing for. It's important to feel comfortable and confident in whatever outfit you choose.


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