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Sleek & Chic: The Ultimate Leather Trench Coat for Spring 2023

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising slightly, and our oversized coats are no longer prevalent in our hearts. That's when mid-season jackets come on the scene. And one of them promises to be particularly trendy this spring.

You want to change your style to summertime without taking the traditional cold snap of spring. Opt for mid-season jackets, super trendy and perfect for staying warm while putting balm to the heart by relegating your winter coat to the closet.

This spring, the trends are rather casual with a chic touch, as we have seen with the sleeveless vest, the total denim look or the metallic. For mid-season jackets, after the bomber, which is making its big comeback, it is a great classic that attracts all eyes again: the long trench coat. But this season, it takes a slight turn among fashionable fashionistas and is available in leather or leatherette.

How to adopt the leather or leatherette trench coat?
Do you also want to adopt it to change the classic trench coat? It's easy; it goes with everything. You can succumb to the total black look by wearing it with cargo. It is also very trendy, and a long-sleeved crop top or a small under-pull, a pair of white boots or sneakers add a slight touch of light and a small streetwear side that works well. Opt for dark grey jeans with heels and a black bodysuit if you want a dark chic look.

If you want, on the contrary, a look with more contrasting colours and mix different trends, you can slip a beautiful denim piece under your trench coat, whether it is the unmissable long denim skirt or the high-waisted jeans with a straight cut, with a pretty sweater or an oversized shirt, or on the contrary a crop shirt, tucked into it.
Adopting a leather or leatherette trench coat can be a stylish choice.
Choose the right fit: Make sure the trench coat fits you well. Look for a size that flatters your body shape and allows you to move comfortably. A well-fitted trench coat can enhance your overall appearance and make you feel confident.
Consider the colour: Leather or leatherette trench coats come in various colours, including classic black, brown, navy, and more unique options like burgundy or olive green. Consider your style and wardrobe when choosing a colour that complements your outfits and matches your desired aesthetic.
Pair with versatile basics: Trench coats are versatile outerwear that can be dressed up or down. Pair your leather or leatherette trench coat with basic wardrobe staples, such as jeans, leggings, or a simple dress. This will create a chic and timeless look worn for different occasions.
Attention to detail: Trench coats often have unique information, such as double-breasted buttons, belts, or epaulettes. These details can add interest and elevate your outfit. Experiment with different ways of fastening the buttons or cinching the belt to create different looks.
Choose appropriate footwear: The proper footwear can complete your look when wearing a leather or leatherette trench coat. Consider wearing heeled boots or pumps for a more formal or sophisticated outfit. For a casual look, opt for ankle boots or sneakers.
Layer strategically: Trench coats are designed to be worn as a layering piece. Be mindful of the thickness and material of your layers to ensure a comfortable fit. Depending on the weather, you can layer underneath with sweaters, scarves, or other accessories to keep warm and add dimension to your outfit.
Confidence is vital: Lastly, confidently wear your leather or leatherette trench coat. It's a statement piece that can exude attitude and style. Rock it confidently, and you're sure to turn heads and make a fashion statement.
Finally, you want a casual Sunday outfit. In that case, many fashionistas on social networks wear their leather or imitation trench coats on a jogging set with sneakers. Perfect for an outing in a comfortable outfit that remains in the trend.

The trench coat is worn both open to highlight the outfit and wrap it and closed by tightening the belt well to enjoy its cut that marks the waist. And suppose you could be more leather or imitation. In that case, you can always return to essential models: the khaki trench coat, the beige trench coat, camel, or even more recently, in jeans.

Fashion is subjective, and wearing what makes you feel comfortable and confident is essential. Experiment with different styles, colours, and accessories to complete your leather or leatherette trench coat and your unique fashion statement.


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