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Sleeveless Sweater: How to Wear It?

Who hasn't heard of the college girl's sweater? Certainly not the fashionable girls who have already adopted it by appearing in ultra-stylish preppy chic looks. If you are still sceptical about putting on the sleeveless knit, here are all our tips and the prettiest novelties to adopt the trend brilliantly.

After the cropped sweater that stands out as the fashion piece that is all the rage this season, it's the turn of the sleeveless sweater to make a smashing comeback. Perfect to take over the Cabin Core trend, but also genderless fashion, the sleeveless sweater has not finished surprising us among the latest autumn-winter 2022-2023 fashion trends. Coming straight from Great Britain and more particularly from the men's wardrobe, the sleeveless sweater clearly became popular at the time of seventies fashion. Sometimes adopted by men on golf or tennis courts, it gradually invades the catwalks of the biggest fashion week shows, before landing in women’s wardrobes. And on the shelves of our favourite fashion brands, the sleeveless sweater is back more stylish than ever. Zoom on all the new fashion nuggets to shop urgently!

Which women's sleeveless sweater to adopt this season?
Long considered old for its cut, its large checks on the front and its V-neck, the sleeveless sweater has seized all the latest trends in sight to upgrade our style in the blink of an eye. Designers and stylists have pimped it with small details that make all the difference: zips, jewellery, trendy colours... We will not be able to miss this season. Whether you adopt it in a monochrome version in purple or fuchsia pink, whether you choose it with patterns or in a twisted or openwork version... You will inevitably find the sleeveless sweater that will capsize your heart.

And here are some tips to adopt this chic and retro piece without a false note.

How to wear a sleeveless sweater?
Surely not by adopting the total college look! Nor by appropriating the style of our grandparents.

Lesson number 1: to be trendy, choose the right sweater model! If you can set your sights on a vintage-style piece, you can also find a great model in the mesh section of your beloved shop. At least, you are sure not to commit any odd fashion.

Lesson number 2: we grant you; sleeveless knitwear is an original piece on which you can bet to stand out. But be careful! This season, we will tend to combine it with our blouses and shirts or our T-shirts to brave the cold. And who says superposition of pieces, says the composition of a more complex look. To do this, we do not hesitate to play with the materials. The goal? Avoid weighing down the silhouette or appearing too "tapped". Thus, we will prefer a sweater worn with a cotton shirt or with a light roll, for example.

Lesson number 3: we mix colours. This season, we let our creativity speak by combining colourful sleeveless sweaters with equal pep and shimmering T-shirts. For the less reckless, it's up to you to look tone on tone. You just must play on trendy shades of colours, such as green or pink for example. Only watchword: leave room for your imagination!

Lesson number 4: combine it with the right and basic parts of your wardrobe. If the sleeveless sweater twists with almost everything, some mix and match are essential, in addition to being sure of values. Do not hesitate to combine your sleeveless sweater with an oversized shirt or a T-shirt in the XXL version for example. The chilliest will be able to prefer the turtleneck or small light sweaters to place under the knitwear.

For lovers of girly looks, nothing prevents you from superimposing a sleeveless sweater on a dress or even a pleated skirt. Finally, to play it in the 70s until the end, we also take hold of the trend of flare jeans.
On the side of the shoes, all shots are allowed, including trendy moccasins and even sneakers... It's up to you!

One thing is certain, with this piece, there will be enough to concoct a bunch of great looks! All you must do is get started. So, are you ready?


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