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Slouchy Boots Trend to Adopt This Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

Say goodbye to the boots: this autumn, the boots go up on the leg and wear slouchy! Less rigid and softer, they fold on the leg and bring a look to the entire silhouette.

The fashion trends of autumn-winter 2022-2023 follow each other and are not always the same. The latest example: After seeing a strong return of the santiag in September, a new form of boots is already blooming at the feet of all the influencers. Its name: the slouchy, recognisable by its soft stem that "drips" on the leg.

Slouchy boots: why are they a hit this autumn-winter 2022-2023?

With their pleated stem on the leg, slouchy boots are the perfect ally of an autumn-winter 2022-2023 under the sign of a falsely cool season.

If the slouchy is so successful this season it is also - and above all - because it surfs on the return in the grace of boots that climb on the leg and make the boots look like a little outdated model, quickly to be placed in the category of great wardrobe basics.

How to wear them to stay trendy?

With its elegant cut with a falsely neglected look, the slouchy blows the seventies and bohemian look on fashion. Nothing better than a long printed and ruffled dress in the bottom mixed with a pair of slouchy to turn you into a cool baba of modern times! But be careful, if you really want to play the bohemian card, zap the glazed leather boots, and prefer brown nubuck models. And warm it up with a fake-fur coat. Goal seventies, we said!

For a more modern look, put on trendy jeans (a straight model in the raw canvas will be perfect), slip in a white shirt and sleeveless sweater, and cover everything with a large, oversized style blazer (black for a versatile look or bright pink for those who dare) and perch on a pair of pleated rhinestone boots. By playing with boyish references (the sleeveless sweater) and disco (stones), the ultra-modern look is guaranteed!
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