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Spring-Summer 2022 Trends to Adopt After 50

New trends parade to the rhythm of the changing seasons. What are we going to acclaim for spring-summer? We tell you everything about the models, the materials, and the flagship prints, as well as the star colours of the season.

If you like loose blazers or leather jackets, crochet, jumpsuits, "bohemian chic" spirit outfits or tailoring, you'll be served! On the printed side, you will love the flowers or the graphic prints. As for the colours, it's an explosion of shades, with pastels always popular.

Loose blazer and leather jacket

If there are two jackets you won't be without at the start of the season, it's them! The loose blazer is suitable for all body types with its vaporous shape (to camouflage small complexes) but structured at the level of the shoulders (to give a nice look). Both elegant and casual, you can wear it on any occasion, on a slogan T-shirt or an impeccable shirt.

Another style: the leather jacket, in the spotlight this summer. Sober or more colourful, it can be worn in the city or in the evening. A true classic of women's dressing that regularly returns to the forefront, and that you will associate with jeans or a little black dress, for an impeccable look.

Revival hook

With its seventies bohemian effect, crochet is the big novelty of the season. It stands out thanks to its many variations. From the city to the beach, it will follow you all summer long. Dresses, tops, swimsuits, bags or even stoles, you will be spoiled for choice to compose your own look with these touches of knitting at the forefront of the trend.

The jumpsuit, a safe bet for summer

The jumpsuit continues its rise! From spring, it is perfect with a little jacket and ankle boots. Later, it is worn in a summer version with sandals or mules. Choose it plain or with a print, in cotton canvas or in a silk-like material for an elegant look that will be perfect for all your summer evenings.

Bohemian chic

Long or shorter, the bohemian dress still carves out a great place in summer collections. Plain, floral or paisley, this dress with an emblematic look from the 1970s will accompany you throughout the summer. You will wear it with a short jacket and ankle boots at the start of the season. When the good weather arrives, you will swap boots and jackets for sandals or clogs, a hat, and a straw basket.

Surfing the wave of tailoring

With sober and elegant outfits, the tailoring trend coincides with the return of the minimalist and refined spirit. Opt for jacket-pants or jacket-Bermuda sets. Choose refined tones such as beige, white, or grey, and all bright or pastel colours in natural materials. You will be sure to have style and a lot of elegance in these simple outfits, which will follow you from morning to night. Adopt this trend by favouring a monochromatic look or with two different colours at the top and bottom. Easy!

Printouts are displayed

Animal print (zebra, leopard, or snake) is still on the agenda this spring-summer 2022. Flowers (small or large) are also present, as are tie and dye gradients, checked checks, and graphic prints. This season, everything seems allowed, it's time to have fun!

What about colours?

The great novelty of this season is the arrival of violet blue. This shade will invade all the rooms of the dressing room and the accessories, you cannot miss it!

The yellow, already present for a few seasons, stay the course, and will still invite itself on our outfits. Orange, meanwhile, will give us a good look while playing the colour block card. Pink and red - which go together wonderfully - will also make a splash.

Anise green is also making a great breakthrough, but beware, it is not necessarily suitable for all skin and hair types! Ivory and white are always at the rendezvous: these classics will bring out our tanned complexion and will easily mix with all the other shades of our summer outfits.

Finally, the colour block, a trend that consists of combining strong colours such as yellow, blue, red, or green, is still relevant. Be careful, however, not to mix more than two or three colours to remain elegant in all circumstances!


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