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Stay Chic and Sustainable: What to Keep from Last Year's Trends

Staying chic and sustainable is all about making conscious choices regarding fashion. Have you ever wondered if some of your clothes from last summer were still on the rise? What are we going to wear in spring-summer 2023?

After learning about all the strong fashion trends of spring-summer 2023, it's time to see if we can recycle some clothes without passing for cheesy; quite the contrary... several trends from last year will continue to be fashionable and versatile for Spring-Summer 2023. Here are some items that you may want to consider keeping in your wardrobe:

The jackets
This season, we keep the sizeable loose blazer with the right draw, and like last year let yourself be tempted by the same pep colours, like pink, orange or green. This blazer will energize your slightly dull outfits and give you balm to the heart at the arrival of sunny days. Another jacket still in the race, the short and structured model. Whether it is in tweed, cotton, or jeans, come out of the closet, and you will have everything good by combining it with wide high-waisted pants to respect the proportions.

Split dresses and skirts
If you succumbed to the trend of the jersey tube dress last summer, it's also time to bring it out. Long and tight, accompanied by mules or wedge sandals, you will play it minimalist chic for a particularly effective look. Choose it ideally in classic tones such as black, beige, or downright flashier, with pink, blue or fluorescent colours very fashionable this season. For the entire summer, it will accompany you to the beach with an XXL tote and a scarf in the hair. Another garment that continues its trajectory from season to season is the sensual and bold split skirt that you will wear with pumps or jewellery sandals in the evening or terribly cool with a t-shirt and clogs, which also comes out of last year's closet.

The trouser suit
The trouser suit always holds the top of the pavement; the revisited man's suit is still a sensation this season with its structured shoulders and loose cut. Declined in bright, pastel or more classic tones, there is something for everyone; it's time to bring out yours because it had not escaped you last season. Wear it on chunky moccasins or sneakers to be at the top of the trend at the beginning of the season while remaining elegant.

The white shirt
It is no longer presented; for a good reason, it is a safe bet that your dressing room contains at least one perfect white shirt. And the possibilities are many; cropped, with puff sleeves, with a spectacular collar, or wiser, whatever your choice, you will have everything good! Excellent, you will only have to draw from your wardrobe to compose classic, cool, or bold looks.

Denim in total look
From season to season, jeans are always on the rise, and we wear them from head to toe, so go for denim patchwork skirts, jackets, tank tops, and even accessories that are in tune. So have fun and recycle your parts.

What about the materials and colours we keep?
The hook that arrived timidly last summer imposes itself this season on the city in its chic graphic version. At the same time, it will be played more bohemian by the beach. We also keep tight stretch stitches. As for denim, we continue to love it with patterns and the least we can say is that you will be spoilt for choice: checkers, daisies, logos, psychedelic waves, polka dots or stripes... On the nuances side, we will take a bit of bright colour (pink, green, orange), so finish the pastel colours. At the beginning of the season, bet on the duo that works every time, like white and beige. Finally, flower prints always have the wind in their sails, so take them out too. All you must do is take stock in your dressing room.


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