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Stylish Summer Chic: Unravelling the Perfect Shirt Dress Model for Your Wardrobe!

Elegant and pleasant to wear, the shirt dress is a must-have in the summer dressing room. In addition to offering us the lightness sought during a heat wave, it gives a stylish look in all circumstances. Putting in your suitcase this summer is essential with the quiet luxury or old money trend sweeping the fashion sphere. Discover our selection and tips to adopt this wardrobe necessary with style.

Like the long skirt, shorts or crochet top, the shirt dress is one of the essentials and basics of this season's wardrobe. Particularly appreciated by fashionistas in summer for its lightness, it makes it a first-choice alternative when hot. We do not deprive ourselves of drawing this fashion piece on any occasion! What do we like the most? Its simplicity! Even if the shirt dress mixes with almost everything, you must know how to make the right choice to find the fashion nugget inspired with class by the latest fashion trends.

Long, white, black, or short sleeves: Which shirt dress to choose to be chic this summer?
If the shirt dress is a dressing room classic, it will be chosen in a cut, pattern, or trendy colour. And this season, there will be something to satisfy all styles and morphologies.
On the cut side, we will turn to shirt dresses with puff sleeves or models with a plunging neckline that will give a chic look with a hint of glamour. We will also set our sights on aerial cuts because the casual look is trendy not to mention the buttoned shirt dress that can sublimate all silhouettes!
With the bohemian chic trend sweeping the fashion sphere, they must even favour models that recall this romantic and hippie atmosphere that is currently very fashionable. Thus, a pretty shirt dress embroidered or made with a floral print will be a good choice.
If summer rhymes with pop and shimmering colours, such as fuchsia pink, flashy blue or pastel, sky blue and lilac, we can also turn to more versatile palettes, such as white, navy blue or beige. In short, this summer, everything is allowed! And you must see how prints of all kinds were invited to the shirt dress department this summer: tie & dye, zebra, big flowers... There will be an embarrassment of choice!

Beach, work, ceremony: which shirt dress to wear for what occasion?

A beautiful cotton shirt dress to go to work.
What we like most about the shirt dress is that we can wear it at every moment of our lives. At the office as well as at the beach, she ensures us this elegance without doing too much that we love so much. However, some models are more suitable for specific occasions. The shirt dress is the ideal piece to wear in the office on beautiful sunny days, and among your beautiful collection, opting for a sober model inspired by the office wear style is the chicest. We will, therefore, choose colours that echo elegance, such as white, black, camel and its derivatives. A denim shirt dress will also be a first-choice alternative!

The linen shirt dress for a day at the beach.
If your destination is more heavenly than our place of work and you go to the beach or pool, consider drawing more casual pieces. The linen shirt dress will be more than ever required, just like the most colourful models of your wardrobe!

A satin shirt dress for significant events.
For a ceremony or any other special occasion, the shirt dress will also be a fashion ally of size. In these cases, noble materials such as satin, lace, embroidery or even a pleated fabric will bring unparalleled elegance. As for colours, you can quite stand out by opting for an ultra-colourful piece, which is also trended to stay in more classic tones. It's up to you to see in which rooms you feel best.

How do you wear a shirt dress to upgrade your look?
Nothing better than a shirt dress to go to the beach! It can be worn over a one-piece swimsuit or bikini, but for a successful beach look, don't forget to bet on a pair of trendy sandals, a stylish bob to protect yourself from the sun's rays and a wicker basket to store your beach towel or sunscreen. The perfect outfit for a chic, effortless look on vacation.

In town, too, we put on the shirt dress with our eyes closed! On bad weather days, it is easily mixed with jeans and sneakers; this fashion piece is self-sufficient on full sunny days. With a pair of mules, flat sandals, and even sneakers, there will be something to be all the rage. Clearly, the shirt dress is worn according to desires and styles.

For an evening, we also draw this essential fashion piece. We will opt for heeled sandals or dizzying pumps on the shoe side. As for accessories, we will dare the trend of the mini bag, not to mention the jewellery that will necessarily make all the difference!


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