Stylish Ways to Wear a Kimono Every Day

Colourful, trendy and comfortable ... The kimono is one of the essential pieces to welcome spring-summer with lightness! A short guide to appropriating it in style.

No more heavy silk and the sleeves that almost touch the ground: in its “ready-to-wear” version, the kimono can be worn casually and fluidly, as a light jacket or a dress. Whatever the model, it brings a real plus to our outfits, as long as you pair it well!

The kimono: a pyjama jacket, you say? These inspirations will make you change your mind!

With Jeans

The kimono goes perfectly with slim jeans, bootcut or boyfriend pants, blue, black or white. If you opt for a patterned model, wear it over a plain top to showcase its prints. When it comes to looking, anything is possible.