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Stylish Ways to Wear a Kimono Every Day

Colourful, trendy and comfortable ... The kimono is one of the essential pieces to welcome spring-summer with lightness! A short guide to appropriating it in style.

No more heavy silk and the sleeves that almost touch the ground: in its “ready-to-wear” version, the kimono can be worn casually and fluidly, as a light jacket or a dress. Whatever the model, it brings a real plus to our outfits, as long as you pair it well!

The kimono: a pyjama jacket, you say? These inspirations will make you change your mind!

With Jeans

The kimono goes perfectly with slim jeans, bootcut or boyfriend pants, blue, black or white. If you opt for a patterned model, wear it over a plain top to showcase its prints. When it comes to looking, anything is possible.

For a casual result, choose a short model in a light fabric, white sneakers and a shoulder bag. And for a chic evening, choose a long cut in a sober and elegant material. You wear it with heels and a bag with a handle that you hold in your hand or place over your shoulder.

In fitted dress version

Like the wrap dress, the kimono dress can enhance any body shape: it can be recognised by its flared sleeves,

V-neck and belt that tightens at the waist to structure the silhouette. It comes in a multitude of styles and materials.

Over a black dress or white dress

A great wardrobe classic, the black or white dress can be worn all year round. For sunny days, dress it up with a pretty colourful kimono, which will add a touch of sparkle to your look.

For better harmony, adopt a model that stops at the ankle, and complete your outfit with a nice pair of sandals or heels.

Bohemian look

Choose a lace model or one with fringes and floral embroidery. If you prefer hippie-chic fashion, choose a tie-dyed print model, very popular for sunny days.

Whatever your choice, pair a basic kimono and t-shirt, denim shorts and accessories to accentuate the “festival outfit” aspect. Finally, enhance it all with a pretty pair of ankle boots, cowboy boots or white sneakers.

Blazer look

If you thought that nothing could dethrone the essential blazer, it is because you are not yet aware of the multiple resources of the kimono!

A short, solid model with a belt at the waist gives an elegant and feminine look, perfect for the office or a night out.


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