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Summer Fashion 2022: Trendy Essential Pieces to Adopt Now!

How to dress to be at the forefront this season? What trendy fashion pieces should you bet on to go to work or a party? What are the must-haves for a day at the beach?

Well-cut jeans, a white shirt, tailor pants... This summer, it's up to us the basics of the wardrobe timeless to wear day and night and on any occasion! But to upgrade the style, we are also seizing the latest fashion trends this spring-summer 2022. This season, to us the colours galore, the games of brilliance, the volumes, but also the comfort! All this is to be found in a trendy selection.

Ready-to-wear: what are the essentials of spring-summer 2022?

At the top of all our Wishlist, dresses reign supreme. In mini versions or XXL lengths, they are preferably chosen in peppy and supercharged colours such as fuchsia pink, frog green or orange. Denim models will also be acclaimed. For feminine silhouettes at will, we also turn to skirts: to us the micro models or the long and pleated skirts that sublimate all morphologies. They are also chosen in prints and colours that smell good in summer such as Vichy, floral patterns, or gold.

The other star piece that flatters all silhouettes: The flowing pants! Lightweight, comfortable, and airy, it upgrades the style to the air of nothing. On the shorts side, we put everything on Bermuda shorts in timeless or printed palettes.

Regarding blouses and shirts, we turn with our eyes closed to linen models very fashionable and perfect to face the hot weather. Do you prefer tops? This year, the big trend is the corset! Otherwise, opt for a simple t-shirt enhanced with tie and dye prints, just to appropriate the seventies fashion that continues its rise!

To finish an outfit, the jacket is essential. This summer, the kimono is clearly overshadowing the blazer... To wear in the city, as at the beach above his bikini, will be our ideal ally in any circumstance.

Shoes, bags... On which accessories to bet this spring-summer 2022?

In the accessory department, head for metallic sandals with small heels. They will guarantee glamorous or even ultra-sexy silhouettes.

In the handbag category, the net models are the big winners of the season. Stylish and affordable, this bag is also practical and light to take your beach or office belongings everywhere with you.

Do not forget to bet on a belt to adopt the belt layering trend. Remember, this is the new fashion obsession that consists of belting your clothes at the waist so that it is visible! It will therefore be necessary to invest in a nice model.


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