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Summer Fashion Tips: How to Avoid Sweating This Summer & How to Dress in Rainy Weather?

Summer does not necessarily rhyme with great sun. Discover our tips to be neither too hot nor too cold when the rain is coming to the nose in the middle of July and August!

It's summer but the weather is unstable and turns into a storm. Between the strong heat, gales and rain that surprise us during the day, it is difficult to find an outfit that will be comfortable until the evening. To prepare for all situations, discover all our tips to dress quickly in the morning when it is hot in rainy weather.

Yes, to small tops but no to necklines

For those who wonder why... simply because the case of tenacious showers throughout the day will prevent you from catching a cold! Dripping water on the birth of the breasts may be sexy but once the gusts of wind have done their work on your décolleté, it is your airways that will disillusion... Hello, colds and cold snaps!

Yes, to fluid pants but no to the little summer dress

It's hot so we don't want to have jeans that tighten your leg too much. But as it may also be very cool at times, a trendy and light little dress is also not the ideal piece... Don't panic, we have the perfect compromise with fluid pants! Lightweight and super comfortable, it is part of the basics of the summer wardrobe because it protects the leg without keeping us too warm. We adopt it!

Yes, to the jacket and trench but no to the windbreaker!

opt for a loose and lightweight blazer jacket that does not stick to your arm but blocks wind and humidity for a short trip. Same for the trench coat, this chic and fashionable basic protects us from fresh air and water without suffocating ourselves with heat like this good old windbreaker.

Yes, twice yes to waterproof accessories

No miracle recipe ladies, you will have to bet first on the essential rain accessory you know well: the umbrella! Especially if you leave without a jacket, don't go to the office without it. Let’s be told too, that it's not the time to take out your little summer canvas shoes or open sandals but beware of wet feet. It's the cold snap guaranteed! opt for a pair of white sneakers or lighter moccasins.

It's not always easy to dress on hot days. Here are tips and tricks to avoid sweating, smells, and other unpleasant spots. Follow the guide!

Focus on fluid clothing

This is the basis. To resist heat and avoid sweating, you should prefer loose clothing that does not stick to the skin. These allow you to let fresh air circulate and in addition, protect you from the sun. With them, there is no risk of seeing sweat haloes under your favourite shirt.
Choosing the right materials

In summer, there is a golden rule to respect: we say no to synthetic materials, whether polyester, viscose, polyamide, or acrylic. These are warm and suffocate your skin. In addition, they capture odours. Also, prefer materials based on natural fibres such as silk, trendy linen, or cotton. With them, bye-bye sweating.

Bet on "friendly" colours

If the black colour is well known to capture and attract heat, some shades, too light, make sweat haloes more conspicuous. This is the case, for example, with sky blue. So, to run no risk, wear dark shades where you sweat the most, and vice versa for pastel, lighter or vitamin colours.

What shoes to wear when it's hot?

In summer, if you want to wear canvas or leather sneakers, don't make the mistake of putting them on without a sock. Indeed, rubbing the foot directly against the shoe increases the sweat effect. On the contrary, prefer a pair of thin and slightly low-cut socks that easily hide under sneakers. For your flat or heeled sandals and other open shoes, choose a size slightly above your size so that you never have feet swollen.

Wear suitable lingerie

In order not to die hot, the choice of lingerie is an essential step. Indeed, the bras that are extremely padded, push-ups or equipped with thick whales, add extra layers to your skin and therefore keep warm. For small breasts, the solution is simple: do not wear a bra. On vacation, it's pleasant and quite feasible. If, on the other hand, you have a strong chest, prefer a nesting model but without frills. The must? A fine lace so as not to sweat.

Create a shadow with accessories

Here is a little tip to avoid sweating. Just create a shadow with accessories. On the program: light capelin, straw hat, cap, trendy bob or even scarf in the hair. These create an area of shadow on the upper body while protecting you from the sun. It's trendy, practical, and ultra-summer.

opt for the right jewellery.

The last tip to avoid sweat problems. The jewellery. When it's very hot, it's better to avoid wearing too much. But above all, we say goodbye, for a season, to imposing pieces such as breastplate necklaces or cuff bracelets. And we prefer earrings, with a nice pair of hoops or small thin chains.


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