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Sweater Shrunk? Ways to Restore Its Size

Getting your sweater out of the machine two sizes smaller has already happened to everyone. Discover our tips to give a second life to this essential piece.

De-felting, what is it?

When we talk about felted wool, it is quite simply that the latter has shrunk. Indeed, wool is a very fragile natural fibre. To preserve it, it is, therefore, necessary to respect a few golden rules such as washing in cold water, a suitable detergent and finally, drying in the open air. If you skipped any of these steps, don't panic. There are simple techniques to unfelt your beloved sweater and restore it to its normal size.

Hair conditioner

Here is a simple first technique since we all have hair conditioner in our bathroom. Take a basin that you will fill with lukewarm or even cold water. Add one tablespoon of conditioner per litre of water. Then, soak your sweater for about four hours. From time to time, gently stretch the wool. Repeat the operation. Rinse the soft sweater with clear water and add a cup of white vinegar. Wring out and let your sweater dry between two terry towels. Finally, let it rest and dry flat on a very dry towel.


Immerse your sweater in a basin of warm or cold water. Add one tablespoon of glycerin per litre of water. Every 15 minutes gently stretch the wool. Rinse with clear water, then add a cup of white vinegar and let stand. Wring lightly and let your sweater dry in two terrycloth towels. Then as before, let it rest and dry flat on a very dry towel.

Vinegar water

Take advantage of your night's sleep to save your warm sweater. Bathe it in a basin of vinegar water. This time, you will need a glass of white vinegar per litre of water. Let stand overnight. The next day, rinse with clear water, wring out and sponge your sweater between two terry towels before leaving it to dry flat, again, on a very dry towel.


Here, you don't need any special ingredients, just an iron. Gently iron your sweater, stretching the stitch little by little. Just pull a little on the wool. Repeat the process until the sweater returns to its normal size. Of course, use a program on your iron suitable for wool.


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