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The 2000s Jeans Revival: 2023's Hottest Trend!

A preview on the podiums and buttocks of the most fashionable girls, cargo jeans mark their return to the top of fashion trends in 2023. Flared or tightened, open or closed pockets... This iconic piece of the 2000s is reinventing itself to ting our looks this season. All our tips to wear it in style.

The spring of 2021 revived from its ashes a piece that was thought to belong only to the 2000s: cargo pants. In 2023, the revival of this crazy decade that has offered us the best as well as the worst in fashion continues to impose itself in the fashion sphere. As fashion is an eternal start, our wardrobe basics of yesteryear become it-pieces twenty years later. After the baguette bag, the sleeveless down jacket, or the Penny Lane coat, it's the turn of cargo jeans to return to the forefront. If, since the start of 2022, jeans have been one of the most popular materials by fashionistas, this will still be the case this season. With their flared cut and extra-wide pockets, cargo jeans are recognizable among a thousand. Once reserved for streetwear lovers, this it-piece has been democratized and worn on any occasion as we have seen on the podiums of the last Parisian fashion week. Reinvented, modernised, cargo jeans are on the rise!

Cargo jeans, vintage, and super trendy this winter 2023

Twenty years ago, it was worn low waist and extra wide, today cargo jeans have changed a lot and are reinvented from every angle to the point of being a bit-piece. To be at the top of trends in 2023, you must opt for cargo jeans, high or medium to a minimum! There are only advantages to choosing it with a high-waisted cut, it lengthens the silhouette and avoids falling into the clichés of baggy pants. While extra-wide jeans are more fashionable than ever, we will prefer flared cuts with large pockets to copy the stars. For colour, we prefer raw tones that are more classy than light tones. The most daring will dare the printed cargo jeans for even more originality!

Original and super trendy, provided you combine them well, cargo jeans promise to increase the fashion quotient of all your looks. Instructions for wearing this must-have at the beginning of the year without false notes, which is a hit as much for young fashionistas as for the most seasoned.

As much as cargo jeans can be, it is not the easiest piece in the dressing room to wear. With its very oversized cut, care must be taken to respect the rules of proportions so as not to unbalance the silhouette. As with extra-wide jeans, you must opt for sober tops, because these pants become the flagship piece of the look. A pretty turtleneck or a white shirt that is inside will create contrast and bring femininity to the look. You can also combine cargo jeans with a wool vest worn without anything underneath to add sensuality.

On the side of the shoes, two fashion schools compete for trends: those that will play 100% streetwear and combine it with sneakers or those that will break the codes by wearing it with black pumps or heeled boots. Whether we let ourselves be tempted by one or the other that matters, we will always be stylish!


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