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The Best Handbag Trends for Autumn / Winter 2021/22

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

An exciting time for your closets and wardrobes and other storage, the handbag trends for autumn 2021/22 are out. If you are launching a new style or design of bags, looking at colour trends and accessory trends for women’s bags will help you with your research.

Colour trends of women's bags

The trends of bags for women change with the changes of seasons. This autumn, you need to get colours to stand out from your girlfriends or competitors. Your garment should have the three colours under each colour category with a good choice of handbag colour to complement your autumn trend.

Formal handbag

Different from an evening bag, the formal handbag is a bag with plenty of space and room for you to take your whole life and office accessories with you. This is a large bag suitable for carrying your personal belongings and even a mini purse or pocket inside.

Daily Clutch Bag

Another fun bag to showcase your personality this autumn, daily pouches are on-trend with their functionality and style of use. Small or oversized clutch bags, both trendy in the autumn 2021/22 collections.

Handbag with handle

An improvisation of the classic formal handbag, a recent autumn trend is to carry a handle bag. Such a bag can be worn on the arms or shoulders, as you see fit. The trend for handbags with handles is characterised by large handbags perfect for stylish parties and even for office wear.

Mini handbag

Popular as a mini shoulder bag or small purse, mini purses are usually no bigger than your palm. Mini crossover bags can't hold much, but they add to your look in a great way.

Handbag with chains

A fun and funky take on a handbag, the Chained Handbag is a bespoke accessory that accentuates your attire no matter how you wear it. If you want a top handle bag with a long strap, there are many other ways you can carry it.


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