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The Bralette Bra, a Bra Without Underwire? Know Everything About This Trend

Combining the comfort of sportswear with the elegance of fine lingerie? One word: the bralette. The new seductive ally for maximum comfort.

New hybrid species, generally, in lace, without underwire, it combines the comfort of sports underwear and the sexy side of fine lingerie.

Today, style and comfort are no longer incompatible. The bralette embodies this marriage of practicality and aesthetics. No more lace-up frames and padded pads; the body regains its freedom. Light and elastic, it highlights the curves of the chest and highlights its natural curve.

But beware, the bralette does not sacrifice elegance. Some models are made of very worked lace. This is the bra that we dare to reveal. Across the Atlantic, it's called the wear-anywhere fashion. Literally, which "goes everywhere". But not just how!

The secret of the bralette: mixing styles

Everything is a question of measurement. When wearing a bralette, it is important to measure the area of ​​skin that you want to reveal, so as not to fall into the vulgar. We will bet on the mix of genres to assume the hybrid side until the end. The bralette can, for example, be worn under a thick, masculine shirt, which is left slightly open. Why not choose the layering technique: the art of layering?

How to create a feminine and comfortable clothing? Associated with rather large pieces, it brings a touch of seduction. Then opt for a transparent top or falling on the shoulder, a high-cut T-shirt or with a V-neck. Find your style by customizing the combos. Athletic? Prefer a jacket and straight pants with a pair of sneakers. Bohemian type? A long colourful dress with neckline revealing an ivory or sand bralette. Seductive? Black lace under a wispy cream-coloured blouse.

An asset for small breasts but ...

Without frames, light and comfortable, the bralette is particularly pleasant to wear for small breasts that do not need too much support. On the flip side, the most imposing breasts will find their account less because this type of lingerie only provides superficial support.

Options for large sizes

But all the models are in nature. Some bras without underwire consist of wide straps that provide comfort for large breasts. The colours mixing black and ivory offer a romantic and graceful result.

If the bralette in fine black lace remains the basic model, it is preferable for sunny days to opt for lighter tones, such as beige, ivory or pink. Under a neutral and relaxed top, the flashy colours brighten and revive the forms.

For or against the bralette

The bralette is (above all misunderstanding) this tiny hybrid outfit, sexier than the bra, more covering than the bra but shorter than the cropped top (yes, it is possible) that we wear as a from the top. Seen on a slew of it-girls, it stands out this summer as the room to wear ... or not. Vulgar or cool at will, debate.

Certainly, the bralette can be scary. But worn under an open shirt, nothing sexier than this mini lace top. We choose it black or beige to remain (somehow) discreet.

The lingerie, which is skilfully revealed OK, the lace bodysuit under an OK unbuttoned blouse, but the bralette that is worn alone is a no. No, because the shorter it is, the less cool it is. No, because suggestiveness has to put the carpet on the top of the sexy. And above all not because a bralette does not make anyone chic.


“Happy girls are the prettiest” – Audrey Hepburn


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