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The Cape: The Star of the Season

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

To smoothly make a painless transition to autumn, there's nothing like adding a cape to your wardrobe! Both useful on cool days, practical to stay warm at home in cocooning mode and aesthetic to complete your look, the cape has it all. Adopted by the big names in fashion, bloggers and fashionistas, this is the piece of the moment.


It is best worn over a light sweatshirt or a sweater, with jeans, but it can very well be worn with classic pants or leggings. There is so much to choose from in the cape offerings and you will see many colours, shapes and sophisticated little details. Today, wearing a cape is trendy and that doesn't mean you wear an old plaid over your shoulders! Get off the beaten track and dare to wear trendy bangs. Checked, striped or plain, capes show us all the colours, to our great pleasure. More or less similar to the kimono, the cape stands out because of its material: wool (more or less thick).

After several attempts, the cape makes a comeback. A symbol of elegance, this aerial coat fits most figures. No matter your morphology, the cape will benefit you as if by magic! It has the effect of slimming the silhouette. But beware that does not mean that there are no rules to follow ...

How to wear it


It is clear that with a very wide shape at the top you have to go with a more fitted bottom. The miniskirt, the shorts with tights or the tapered pants and the leggings will be the best allies of the cape. Needless to say, that flared pants are to be avoided. If you're petite, choose a shorter cape so you don't overwhelm your figure.


The cape is not the warmest coat. Its flexibility and breadth sometimes allow drafts to pass. It is therefore important to choose a model that will be able to cover you sufficiently on colder days. If you drive a car, the holes for the arms to hang out should be large enough to allow you to move around without feeling trapped in your cloak. Likewise, avoid bags that are worn over the shoulder, as they won't hold in place.


In closing, the trend is not towards the candour of Little Red Riding Hood! The cape keeps a little seductive, mysterious side, and above all very feminine. I advise you to wear it with nice boots or booties with high heels and you will gain a few more inches.



A cousin of the cape, the poncho will also be all the rage this autumn.

And for good reason, halfway between the coat and the poncho, the cape has established itself as one of the most fashionable coats for autumn-winter 2020/2021.


The materials of the season


Available in different colours and materials, to suit everyone's taste, you can opt for a woollen cape, for the more cautious in a solid cream tone in a minimalist print perfect for the season.


We offer you below a selection of 3 capes that make us crack - Quickly find yours!




“Not every flying hero has a cape” – Michael Jordan



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