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The Essential Clothes of the Feminine Wardrobe

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

If we want to convey who we are to others, our attire is a great tool to use. Of course, it is best to avoid pants that are too short, sloppy tops and shapeless clothes. You should also avoid wearing clothes that are too worn, too loose, or too close to the body. In general, if we dress and act as socially responsible people, wishing to enhance our image, we will be seen as such. For this, your wardrobe is a precious tool. Whether you want to make a good impression in a professional setting or on a less formal outing, certain clothes are essential. Here we take stock of these timeless basics and other must-haves in your feminine wardrobe.

What are the classics and must-haves of a good wardrobe?

Jackets and blazers

Whether for work or pleasure, a jacket like a blazer gives an outfit a finishing touch and sends a message. It is our responsibility to ensure that this message is positive. At work, a black or grey blazer gives a serious, sophisticated and classy image. Black is the most versatile shade for a jacket, whether worn for business or to assert personal style.

Timeless style and sophisticated details are the hallmarks of a quality piece to own in a wardrobe worthy of the name. The navy-blue blazer is also a safe choice for work. Paired with a shade of light brown or beige, you will be seen as a confident, educated, and healthy person.

Beige is an ideal choice for a person considered too assertive. Indeed, this timeless shade creates an image of calm and elegance. Brown undertones offer a friendly and approachable image. These shades also have the particularity of softening the colours with which they are associated. Women of petite sizes will benefit from the shades of red. Indeed, red helps to attract attention and therefore to stand out. For family, friendly events… must-haves include the boyfriend jacket, a denim jacket and/or a leather jacket. Denim gives dresses a chic and relaxed look, while leather creates a more sophisticated look. Pair a boyfriend jacket with jeans or black leather pants for a casual-chic look that will look like it came straight out of a fashion magazine! Choose the length of your jacket to enhance your figure. Quality matters!


Choose your skirt carefully. At work, short, ruffled or sexy skirts will probably get you noticed in the wrong way. Wear darker, traditional colours in neat fabrics. A pencil or A-line skirt, in dark tones, will be particularly flattering.

At work or on more casual occasions, opt for a skirt that will enhance you and match your body type.


Pants/trousers should be adjusted to have the appropriate length for a business outfit. Pleated models will give the impression of a sophisticated look. Pants/trousers without darts give you a clean and versatile image. Finally, cuffed pants, on the other hand, are seen as more traditional.

Outside of work, black and khaki pants offer a lot of possibilities. Of course, jeans will emerge as the best option for shopping trips with girlfriends.

What colour of pants/trousers to choose from?

Black pants are a staple in a businesswoman’s closet. They give power to your outfit and are versatile and flattering. The grey pants offer a more classic, refined and formal look for any situation. A beige, elegant and sophisticated model is essential in a wardrobe worthy of the name. The khaki pants, on the other hand, give the impression of a creative, relaxed and independent look.

The black dress: chic and timeless

If a dress was our only choice in our closet, it should be a little black dress. It is a timeless classic, very chic, as easy to wear as it is to live with. A few accessories are enough to create a multitude of looks with one little black dress.

A feminine suit (black or navy blue)

The black suit set, perfectly paired with your pants and skirt, is the perfect embodiment of multi-tasking. Rotate pieces of this versatile outfit for work, a wedding or another formal occasion. The navy-blue suit is the perfect suit for any type of maintenance. You will be seen as competent, credible and a perfectionist.


To be taken seriously in your workplace, it is best to wear the same colour of the blouse as the men. You will understand, white blouses like blue blouses are essential in your business wardrobe. Regardless of the colour of your blouse, remember that it should be long enough, without being too long.

For your casual outings, choose a shirt or top that will suit your figure. It is not uncommon to see women wearing tops that are too small for them or too tight ... Be sure to wear only blouses suited to your body type.

A variety of sweaters

Ah, our collection of sweaters that never ends. What a great investment! It can be classy or casual and pair perfectly with a jacket for work. Outside of work it can also be chic, trendy and exude self-confidence.

“Elegance is not about being noticed. It’s about being remembered.” – Giorgio Armani


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