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The Essentials of the Feminine Wardrobe: The Navy-Blue Blazer

The navy-blue blazer is the icon of classic style. Its cut, its solid colour and its message are all-powerful symbols around the world.

The navy-blue blazer, source of styles

Some may find a stifling and imprisoning message, while others realise how the navy blazer exudes style and power. For example, a woman may choose to wear her navy blazer paired with white pants, a white t-shirt, tan leather shoes, and an understated pearl adornment. While another will wear her blazer to meet a particular code without really giving way to style. The blazer is still worn as a last-minute asset. It immediately adds style to a simple, hasty outfit.

When you complete your wardrobe with a navy-blue blazer or a fitted jacket in that same neutral colour, you should have two things in mind:

How to wear the navy-blue blazer

Gone are the days when the blazer was necessarily worn with navy blue tailored pants. Don't be afraid to wear your pants with a contrasting jacket, let alone your blazer with pants or jeans of a different colour. Of course, a jacket with beautiful finishes can very well be used as a blazer. Opt for short, cinched cuts and don't hesitate to fall for the littlest of details that makes all the difference. Original buttons, unexpected seams, an original collar. These attributes will allow you to underline your uniqueness and give yourself the image of a powerful and independent woman.

Navy blue is not a fan of gold

Unless you're heading to a cocktail party on a yacht, forget about the gold buttons on a navy blazer. You could immediately be mistaken for Captain Nemo, whether you like it or not. Gold paired with your jacket can be fun and quirky but be careful. Make sure you don't fall for a bit too… nautical style. In addition, this choice can deprive you of many possibilities, more modern and stylish, that your navy-blue blazer offers you.


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