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The Golden Rules for Shopping Successfully at the Sales

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

To be successful with your in-store or online sales, you need a real battle plan. I will share my tips with you for shopping successfully at the sales before helping you find the ideal little dress or cute blouse at the best price.

How to stay serious and not give in to madness when… the sales arrive! Winter sales or summer sales, it doesn't matter! But contrary to what you might think, having a successful sale doesn't have to happen by chance. This may sound a little over the top, but to make the most of the sales and buy new pieces for your closet at low prices, you need a battle plan.

Shop the sales at different times of the day

Are sales coming? So, from early morning, when the curtain goes up, dozens or even hundreds of people will be jostling in front of a shop entrance to get the best deal. The same goes for e-commerce. Internet users are waiting with frenzy for online sales to click quickly, left, right. Try to avoid this. Indeed, by adopting this behaviour marked by frenzy, it is difficult to stay focused on your goals. It is impossible to make confident choices and buy with foresight. In these cases, the temptation is strong to take everything that comes to hand, to pounce on all the pieces that catch your eye. Sometimes you just want that little top with no real interest just because someone else has it in their hands, right? You'll end your shopping spree with a wide variety of products, but with colours, you'll never wear, sizes that vary, cuts that don't fit. The solution? Do the sales at staggered hours (among other things) to find serenity.

In-store, this means you can find great things on the first day during your lunch break, but also the next day!

Online, find products you like before the sales and put them aside. Create an account, create lists, and come back to see everything when the sales are launched.

Do you know your measurements?

There is nothing worse than falling on a pretty top, with a cut that seduces you and a new colour, but whose size seems improbable to you. To avoid mishaps, you need to know each other from head to toe. You know that your shoe size is 37 but that for some brands you are more comfortable in a 38? Write it down. Do the same for the different pieces (top, blouse, skirt, dress, pants). For your online sales, do not forget to refer to the size guide on the e-commerce site in question. With your measurements, you can quickly make the right choice. Just in case, check out the return conditions!

Identify the pieces that are missing from your wardrobe

You've probably already had the experience of aimless sales ... You go looking for good deals but, because you have no real objective, you fall for pieces that you could have done without. As a result, back home, you show off your new, very chic fitted jacket, and someone gives you a "don't you already have one like this?" ". Morality, before doing the sales, take the time to ask yourself what is missing from your wardrobe. This will allow you to do some useful shopping. Good for the organisation of the dressing room which will not have 20 little black dresses, and also good for the purse. For that, a little hour of storage/classification will be enough to identify the colour of the blouse that you are missing or the cut of pants that would complement your outfits to go to work.

Make a shopping list

Continuation of the previous point, once the missing pieces of your dressing room have been identified, make a list for your shopping. You're probably not going to stick to it, but a list helps prioritise. A list is a "plan", a document that will help you avoid falling, as we have seen, into this excess stress. If your list is as long as an arm and requires an entire notebook, consider creating it on your smartphone!

Snoop around

Sales are all about the organisation, as this article explains, but it also takes a little bit of luck. So that luck is with you, be curious. Search, search! In the store, don't be afraid to look at this top that has been poorly rested or has fallen to the ground. This may be the last piece in your size available in the shop! On an e-commerce site, prepare the sales by visiting the shop front and back before the big day. When the sales have arrived, go and visit the reserved page (if there is one) but also the usual pages. Discounted products that are less prominent, but just as interesting, maybe hidden there. Use your sense of curiosity.

Avoid the queue (or online ordering steps)

The sales are synonymous with crowds and therefore waiting at the checkout in stores. For internet sales, the phenomenon also exists congestion is noted from the first hours, and it is sometimes impossible to validate your basket. How can you avoid spending more time waiting to pay than on the shelves?

In-store organise with a friend: one of you slips into the queue at the checkout while the other shops around. Then you reverse. In the most crowded stores, you will have plenty of time to take turns and compare your finds.

Online, create an account on e-commerce sites where you plan to make purchases before D-Day. Set aside certain products. So, on the first day of sales or the following ones, you won't have to go through the tedious steps of adding your delivery address or even doing some unnecessary time-wasting searches!


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