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The Magenta Movement: Rocking 2023's Hottest Colour

Magenta is a vibrant, bold colour that has been making waves in the fashion world. It is a combination of red and blue and is often referred to as “hot pink”. It is a strong, eye-catching colour that can be used to make a statement.

It is a colour that is gaining traction in the fashion world and is predicted to be the trendiest colour of 2023. It can be used to add a pop of colour to any outfit, or worn as a full look for a bold, daring statement.

This season, it's time to bring colour into your life by bringing pink to your cheeks. Jackets, sweaters, pants and accessories, nothing resists the colour of the year. But how to wear it and with what?

The Viva Magenta was voted colour of the year 2023 by Pantone®! This magenta pink has conquered the fashion sphere and convinced even the most reluctant fashionistas. From fuchsia to lighter pink, it continues to be at the top of the most popular colours this winter.

A must this season, Magenta pink has invaded the shelves of your favourite shops. So, allow yourself this nuance that was once attributed to little girls, because it combines with all the rooms and accessories of the winter dressing room to make them ultra-modern. No more hesitation, it's time to give in to temptation.

What colours to wear with magenta?

With what shades to mix magenta pink? The colour sand, orange, light pink, and plant tones suit him perfectly as well as the light and dark greens that perfectly highlight magenta. But the more classic shades also work very well like black, grey, beige or even white to slice straight.

Dress, coat, pants... How to wear the colour magenta?

Daily, simply swap your dark jacket for a pink straight coat and thus give a twist to all our outfits of the season. Add high-waisted jeans and a big sweater half slipped into the jeans belt and a pair of heeled boots to ensure an elegant and ultra-trendy look while gaining height. Another piece of the season to see life in pink: the pants. Combined with a blouse in a paler pink, it will ensure you a totally bold but chic look. Also, illuminate your silhouette with the blouse dress worn with a small turtleneck sweater slipped underneath to warm up the outfit. For those who prefer to play it soberer, a small magenta sweater or a piece in a predominantly pink melted print will do perfectly to stay at the forefront of the trend without doing too much.

Magenta can be worn in many ways, depending on the look you are going for. For a more subtle look, try pairing a magenta top with neutral bottoms such as black or white. This will create a chic, yet bold look.
For a more daring look, try wearing a full magenta outfit. This can be done with a dress, jumpsuit, or even a two-piece set. This will create a show-stopping look that will surely turn heads.

Magenta pink trend: which magenta accessories to choose?

If you are not packed with magenta pink, now is the time to try it sparingly on your accessories. They will awaken your looks like pretty varnished babies, pink heel boots that you will dare on a plain cream, green, or grey dress for example. A scarf will give you a good look, and costume jewellery will upgrade your look for sure!

Accessorizing with magenta is a great way to add a pop of colour to any outfit. Try wearing a magenta statement necklace, or a pair of magenta earrings. A magenta bag or shoes can also be a great way to add a touch of colour to an outfit.

If you want to make a bold statement, try wearing a magenta hat or scarf. This will add a fun and daring element to any look.

Making a Statement with Magenta

Magenta is the perfect colour to make a statement with. Whether you are wearing it as a full look, or as an accessory, it will be sure to turn heads. It is a bold, daring colour that can be used to create a unique and eye-catching look.


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