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The Most Beautiful Sweatshirts – With or Without a Hood

Before the sweatshirt it was mainly for sports, today it is an essential fashion piece. With or without a hood, this piece that comes back from afar is trendier than ever. Whether you are trendier oversize or curved, everyone will find their ally to spend the cold season in style. Zoom on the latest news and our fashion tips to adopt them.

It was not so long ago when you wanted to be stylish while protecting yourself from the cold of winter, you simply opted for a warm sweater or a trendy vest worn under an elegant shirt. This autumn-winter 2022-2023, to be at the forefront we dare the sweatshirt! Once reserved for gyms, this sweater of another kind has gone through the eras with style to the point of being elevated to the rank of ultra-reappraised by fashionistas. With or without a hood, it is the promise of a sporty-chic-inspired look. Whether you succumb to the trend with a 100% street style outfit or choose to break the codes and wear it with a split skirt, you can't go wrong with the sweatshirt.

For all those who still need to be seduced by this wardrobe basic, there will be a choice! Oversized or curved, printed or embroidered, fireplace collar or shirt... The sweatshirt is reinvented in a thousand and one ways to convert us all, even the most sceptical! Overview of the novelties and our tips to wear the sweatshirt in style this season.

Brand, colour: which women's sweatshirt to choose to be fashionable in 2022?

It is not only sportswear look lovers who will love this trend, even most of us will be delighted! If the "classic" version of the hoodie, also called a hoodie, is timeless, this it-piece is made a makeover to make everyone agree! At the end of the year, to be trendy, we adopt the sweatshirt in a more sophisticated version. Fashionistas who love the comfy-chic style will probably set their sights on models with a shirt, rhinestone, or delicately buttoned neck. Small details make all the difference.

Going back to the essentials is also very chic. Flocked sweatshirts with retro writing make their comeback on the fashion trend scene. The perfect excuse to bring out our old fetish sweater from high school years. Little advice, we also bet on the sleeveless cut, very present this season!

Oversize is very popular, but the fitted sweatshirt is just as popular this season! Tight at the waist or slightly adjusted, the sweater is also the ideal piece to highlight its assets. And for those who try a little less, it is obviously possible to sublimate your silhouette with a loose sweatshirt! Whatever model you choose, autumn colours are welcome. Black is a safe bet, red or blue to mark minds, and green or purple because they are the stars of the season. Nudes such as beige, white and powder pink will also be popular. In short, make yourself happy!

How to wear a sweatshirt with or without a hood to be trendy this winter?

Comfortable and cosy, the sweatshirt is first a reflex when you are cold before being a trendy piece. Today fashion trends have sunk under the bridges and the sweatshirt has become a must in the dressing room of the most fashionable fashionistas. Times have changed and this little fleece sweater can only be worn in gyms, it has its place in the office as well as in the restaurant. To be trendy this autumn-winter wear a sweatshirt nothing simpler: we contrast the look. Breaking the codes is a bit of an idea.

To go to work, we combine it with flare or straight jeans and a beautiful blazer jacket for an elegant touch. Not to mention the pretty pair of heeled boots that will further enhance the fashion quotient of the outfit. In the evening, we dare to wear a sweatshirt with a skirt. Short or long, it depends, but why not succumb to the split skirt, an absolute symbol of femininity? All are sublimated by a pair of pumps, and you are more sensual than ever. As the ultimate piece of sportswear style, taking this trend literally is also the promise of a refined look. Worn with boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers, it's the perfect trio. For those who are trendier rock'n'roll, we opt for a leather blazer! Finally, we don't neglect the coats that punctuate our winter outfits with style!


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