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The Perfect Autumn Outfit

We are already in September and this year has passed too quickly! Summer slowly turns into Autumn and temperatures keep dropping. But if there are still leaves on the trees, I refuse to admit that autumn is around the corner.

Autumn outfit - warm, practical, and stylish

As soon as the temperatures drop, we start to take the sweaters out of the wardrobe. On the one hand, it's good because sweaters are just awesome, but on the other hand, it also means it's starting to get cold, and you want to take refuge in the warmth of your bed. To make the cold season as stylish as possible, I've rounded up my favourite autumn looks for you!

Cosy sweaters-the best for autumn!

Of course, my choice is a cosy and warm sweater, this time in black with a round hem and long bell sleeves. These sweaters are perfect for this time of year. You feel like you've just got out of bed, and let's be frank, is there anything better?

Pants - also a good idea in autumn

I wear pants with my sweater. In fact, these pants are more for summer or spring, as they are usually made from a rather thin fabric. But I think they're a great idea for autumn too, especially in darker colours like the ones here, they're great to combine and style. Another positive point? They are very comfortable because they are cut very wide. If the ventilated pants are still too cold, I recommend putting on tights’ underneath. They are barely noticeable and keep you warm!

Knee high boots - the versatile solution for all seasons

I also mentioned knee high boots before. I think you can tell that I have become a real fan of these! My pair is brown suede, with a bit of a heel. They are so comfortable that I can wear them almost every day. They spice up any outfit and are great for everyday use.

I hope I was able to inspire you with my autumn Look book and soften the cold days a bit.


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