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The Poncho is More Fashionable Than Ever This Autumn!

Forgotten for a few seasons, the poncho is back to sublimate all autumn silhouettes! Cosy and practical, this overcoat is a timeless one that is renewed every autumn to keep us warm with style. Discover all our outfit ideas and new products to adopt this must-have at the end of the year without a false note.

Inspired by ethnic fashion, the poncho is a must-have in our autumn dressing room that we can leave with haste every time the weather cools down. If it is not unanimous among all fashionistas, lovers of the bohemian-chic style are served this season; hippie chic pieces are popular! While the mesh and the Far West style are at the top of trends this autumn-winter 2022-2023, the poncho has made a warm place for the it-pieces.

At the crossroads between a vest, a scarf or a coat, this overcoat gives a boho chic look very popular with fashionistas at the end of the year. Timeless piece but nevertheless influenced by the latest fashion trends, the poncho is reinventing itself to return to the forefront. Aztec or solid-coloured fringed patterns, sleeveless or not, what matters is to bet on a model that reminds us of our ancestor’s cowboys because they are more fashionable than ever this autumn! Practical and super trendy, provided you combine it well, the poncho promises to increase the fashion quotient of all your casual looks.

As the Indian summer is coming to an end, the Western trend has not said its last word! The opportunity for the poncho to return to the fashion sphere. Cosy as desired, it is also very trendy and is still without moderation this season. While it was once worn in an oversized way simply above our outfit, today it is girded. To be stylish like all fashionistas, choose a small thin belt that will elegantly mark the waist. What we also like about this piece is that it is worn with (almost) everything. If it is not effortlessly upgrading all our casual looks, it can also elegantly twist our evening outfits. The whole thing is to combine it well so as not to unbalance the silhouette.

For a comfy chic look during the day, we combine the poncho with a sober outfit. Being a strong piece that is self-sufficient, no need to make tons to be stylish. It is put on over wide pants with a shirt or sweater tucked inside. Another look idea, the trendy long skirt will go perfectly with a poncho. Small tip, if you choose a patterned skirt, you will choose a solid colour poncho so as not to weigh down the silhouette. To perfect the look, you take height with style with a pair of boots with trendy heels or if you prefer to stay flat the ballerinas and sneakers will stylishly complement the outfit with a hippie chic look.

Since the Wild West is trendy, why not dare the total cowboy look? Under our beautiful, fringed poncho we put on pretty flare jeans and a shirt, all magnified by a large buckle belt. Not to mention the most fashionable shoes of the moment: santiags! On the accessories side, why not dare the felt hat that will give elegance? Enough to be straight this fall while staying warm.

Very versatile, the poncho can also be worn in the evening. Combined with a small black or floral dress, this overcoat from another time will bring an original but chic touch to the outfit. Notice to fashionistas, the sweater dress is ultra-trendy this season, so we don't deprive ourselves of it! We do not hesitate to put on a nice pair of pumps or boots to complete the look with style.


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