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The Seasons Follow One Another, & The Fashion Shows Too...

For a boutique and for fashion professionals in general, it's not always easy to know whether the trip (and the costs associated with it) is really worth it. In reality, the usefulness of attending fashion trade shows depends mainly on the experience, location, availability and priorities.

So far this year I have attended a few fashion trade shows, and here’s why I think it benefits all fashionistas.


Discovering or confirming trends: it is easy to consult fashion magazines with great care, scrutinize the web and blogs regularly, when it comes to knowing new fashion trends, visiting a trade show remains an excellent means - for not to say the best - to discover in preview the very last innovations. Such as “Who´s next”, “trendy” corners are set up to allow you to quickly take stock of the major trends of the moment. In addition, by visiting the trade shows you will be completely immersed in the fashion world. As you progress through stands and brands, you will see for yourself that certain styles, certain models and certain colours or cuts are repeated: find them!

Discover new brands, new creators and craftsmen. There are many brands that choose other means of distribution or who do not have the time or the means to create a network of representatives. Trade shows, therefore, give you the opportunity to discover these brands and especially the creators who are starting out. It’s also a good way to get exclusivity for these brands.

Meet with suppliers who are distant or located abroad. A great way to stand out from the competition is to offer your customers items from foreign brands. Due to their international influence, certain shows manage to attract many foreign brands that in other circumstances you would never have discovered (for lack of time or money to travel). Why not take advantage of the shows to discover brands that are located outside your borders.

Get a privileged contact with your usual suppliers: take advantage of your visit to trade shows to consolidate your relationship with your suppliers. This is the perfect opportunity to establish privileged contacts with the brands you work with: don't underestimate the benefits. At a time when almost everything can be done remotely, human contact in a relaxed atmosphere makes it possible to establish a "face to face" relationship. Your supplier will remember you, associate a face with your customer account and this will have a very positive impact on your future relationships.

Touch the articles, see them "for real", compare them. Internet is good: online catalogues and all the guarantees that online wholesalers can offer you allow us to buy remotely without taking too many risks. However, nothing can replace contact with the product. How many times have you missed a “great product” because the photo in the catalogue or on the site did not allow you to imagine the fabric?

Take the opportunity to visit the wholesalers' districts: most major trade shows choose major cities to organise their events. Who’s next in London.


Visiting a fashion show is fun and it motivates. Participating in these major fashion events must be a pleasure, an opportunity to distance yourself from your daily routine and set off again at 100 to the hour towards a new season. If this is not the case, it is undoubtedly that you are ill-prepared. Go with someone and take your time.

Rather than wanting to do everything or see everything, get as much inspiration as possible from what you have discovered. Visiting a trade show simply allows you to meet new people & find out how others are doing it: this is the perfect opportunity to change your air and do full of inspiration!


I most certainly enjoyed my visits to the trade shows. (Pure London AW 20/21, Moda AW 20) and can’t wait for SS 21.


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