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The Sexy Sweater of The Moment: Ultra-Easy to Wear

Halfway between mesh and nude, the off-the-shoulder sweater is just perfect for upgrading your look with a touch of sensuality. Zoom in on this new fashion obsession.

Because it is as feminine as it is comfortable, we have found the sweater that is bound to wreak havoc this season. After the open back sweater, the cropped sweater which is all the rage or the fashionable trucker sweater, it is the bare-shoulder knits that are making their big comeback fashion this season.

With the height of femininity and sensuality, this sweater can be worn in all circumstances as it reveals the shoulders with subtlety. With this piece, right in the fashion trends for winter, you are bound to cause a sensation! Plus, you don't have to overdo it when it comes to accessories, as this crafted piece is self-sufficient.

This season, we're choosing it in ultra-colourful shades to bring some joy and pizzazz to our dark and monochrome winter outfits. One thing is for sure, once you try it on, we bet you'll love wearing it! And here's how to embrace the trend for ultra-hot looks.

How to wear the trendy "cut out" off-the-shoulder sweater?

If the off-the-shoulder sweater upgrades your looks in the blink of an eye, you can also play the card of 100% fashionable silhouettes. We don't hesitate to dare this pretty knit with trendy flare jeans or a "Split Hem" for example. For a slightly more rock look, we mix this sweater with leather pants associated with a pair of chunky boots.

This sweater will also go well with current pants like a corduroy model or with super-wide pants for a comfy chic look at the top. For an evening, we don’t hesitate to slip on this mesh with a plaid skirt or a leather skirt ... Not to mention the very fashionable vintage heeled boots or a pair of vertiginous pumps ... are sure not to go unnoticed!

Finally, on the silhouette side, all body types can afford it. Be careful though with those who have shoulders a little too developed or arms a little too round: in this case, we opt for models a little less bare to avoid weighing down the posture and therefore the silhouette.


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