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The Trendiest Jeans for Autumn/Winter 22/23 To Adopt Now!

Chic, comfortable and feminine: this is the state of mind of the jeans of this new season. After years of too-worn canvases, torn on the knees and too-skinny cuts, the jeans of the new season 2022 will mainly be worn high waist, straight legs (or flare) with jeans that are rougher than usual. Zoom on the most "wanted" models of the moment.

If you have never succumbed to the slim, if too used types of denim, tears, and holes in all directions have never been your cup of tea, rejoice! The fashion trends of autumn-winter 2022-2023 have decided to make straight and raw jeans a new grail!

What are the trendy cuts of this autumn-winter 2022-2023?

This season, we will have to revise its classics. And go back to see what is going on the shelves of Levi's and LEE, great jeans makers in front of the eternal. First observation: the slim is no longer popular, it is the straight that replaces it. And the ultra-washed canvases that have dominated the market in recent years are losing their aura to very raw canvases. The result? The darker your jeans are, the straighter they will be and the surer you will be to have everything good.

Second observation: comfort has become a new mantra and it explains the growing popularity of "mum" cuts. It also explains the arrival on the market of an innovative concept that seeks to stick as close as possible to the morphology of customers.

Third observation: the influence of the mid-seventies is accelerating (the crochet last summer, the psychedelic prints this autumn) and, with it, the increasingly assertive return of the flare. The most direct and visible consequence is the incredible popularity of skirt-panty jeans right now.
Last thing: white jeans will continue to make new followers in winter and will even compete this year with the multiplication of beige canvas, one of the three trendy colours of the new school year.

What to wear in the new trendy jeans?

This comeback to a chicer and more classic model is coupled with very good news: its ease to combine it with everything that can already hang around in your wardrobe, whether it's the great fashion basics (white shirt, blazer, turtleneck sweater....) or pieces at the top of the fashion trends of this new year: men's vest, oversize shirt, chunky moccasins.

Just remember to respect the balance of the silhouette. If you opt for a "mum" cut, prefer a tight body or a close-fitting sweater instead (a remark that also applies to flare or flared jeans). And if you cover everything with a big sweater in the colours of autumn, simply blouse it nonchalantly in the belt of the jeans and it will be perfect!

With straight, you can let go more. And multiply the accessories to give your jeans more look: glittery banana bag for a cool effect, santiags for a more rock side or camel moccasins for a very good chic style, good genre!

It's up to you!


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