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The Trendiest Split Skirts of This Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

An absolute symbol of femininity, the split skirt is once again the star of this season. Essential for evening looks, this autumn this style of skirt is reinvented and worn as well during the day to pimp our outfits.

What could be more feminine than the split skirt? With its slit that lets us sensually glimpse our beautiful legs while remaining elegant, this style of skirt will once again be all the rage this season. While the long skirt is already a must in this end-of-year dressing room, it undresses to boost the fashion quotient of our outfits this autumn. Notice to fashionistas, the split skirt is no longer only reserved for the festive locker room, we also wear it during the day! In the office as well as in the restaurant, this style of skirt ensures an elegant look in all circumstances. Always as trendy as satin, this year we dare other new materials that will effortlessly twist our casual looks. No doubt, the split skirt is a major ally to be chic this autumn-winter 2022-2023.

Colour and length

Whatever the model, the split skirt will be worn long and with a slit at least 10 cm deep to be irresistibly trendy this autumn. For the most daring, the XXL slot is very popular with the most fashionable fashionistas, so why not let yourself be tempted by this piece with infinite glamorous potential? On the style side, there is enough to delight all the inspirations of each one because we will have a choice!

The print is popular in this autumn season. For lovers of rock'n'roll looks, we bet on feline patterns and especially leopard, perfect for further accentuating the sensual dimension of an outfit. In a completely different style, the colourful floral print can be worn without moderation! Big or small flowers, both are the winning duo of a very trendy split skirt. Not to mention the polka dot print which remains a timeless chic.

At the end of the year, we will also have fun with the materials. The denim skirt plays the extensions and will be worn very long with a pretty slit that raises it to the rank of an elegant piece. For all sceptics, yes, the leather split skirt is a must-have of this season and no it is not vulgar, provided you bet on a not-too-short length and complete the look well. A lover of the comfy-chic style will be delighted, the split knit skirt is in vogue. Enough to favour the pleasant without neglecting the style! Finally, we do not forget the satin that makes the split skirt the most desirable piece to wear. In terms of colour, we prefer autumn colours such as brown, dark green, beige, and black. However, we do not abandon the more shimmering colours such as orange, purple or pink, the flagship colours of the season not to be missed.

How and with what top to wear?

If the skirt is worn with (almost) everything, when it is split, there are associations to avoid so as not to unbalance the silhouette. Basic of the night wardrobe, it is often the centrepiece of our chic and elegant evening looks. It is a strong piece that is self-sufficient so no need to make tons of it to make an impression. In the evening, we opt for a solid colour blouse and a pretty pair of pumps to perfect the look. If you want to play the 100% glam side, you opt for a satin or lace Caraco that you will combine with an elegant blazer jacket. Accessorising delicate jewellery will further enhance your outfit so adorn yourself with your most beautiful necklace and sparkling earrings! Always as trendy during the day, we will wear the split skirt with a very trendy sweater or vest to de-dramatize the silhouette.

To finish the look, we will gain height with style by betting on a beautiful pair of heeled boots or we break the code with a pair of trendy sneakers!

What we also like about the split skirt is that it sublimates all morphologies; whether we are a small size or very slender, it will highlight our assets. Even if we are rather round, this style of skirt that is worn very high will hide our complexes while revealing one of the most beautiful attributes of the female body: the legs. No more excuses, we all adopt the split skirt!


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