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The Ultimate Rules to Follow When Choosing Sunglasses

Which sunglasses to choose according to the shape of your face? And how can you be sure they are protecting your eyes from UV rays?

Choosing a frame that will best enhance your face while protecting your eyes is essential but not always easy.

Choose your sunglasses: safety rules

Pay attention to these few healthy points before investing in a new pair.

The right protection filters

Choose sunglasses with adequate UV protection. To do this, first, check that your pair has CE marking. This proves that it meets the essential health and safety requirements of the European directive.

A-frame to your size

Your glasses should protect you from direct and indirect UV rays. Be careful they don't let too much light pass into the small space between the glasses and the face (at the temples and cheekbones, in particular).

Avoid gadget glasses

Better not to buy glasses than to buy bad ones. In summer, avoid glasses with no protection: these are only aesthetic. If you look at the sun with an unsuitable pair, you might damage your eyes without realizing it.

The shape of your face

A well-chosen pair will enhance the highlights of your face.

The round face: if you want to counterbalance the roundness of your features, opt for frames with straight and angular lines.

The oval face: this face shape presenting a beautiful balance. All types of glasses are allowed.

The square face: a square face appreciates oval, round or wide glasses which soften its expression.

The triangular face: wide and rounded glasses will balance it out as well as possible.

Your Personality

A-frame says a lot about the person who wears it. It is, therefore, possible to play on styles retro, classic, sport and materials to convey messages. A matt frame reflects distance, while a shiny frame is more synonymous with communication.

Morpho-face rules to respect

Make way for fittings!

The lower part of the glasses should not touch the face.

The eye should be perfectly centred in the lens, and the eyelashes should not touch the lenses.

It is necessary to respect the line of the eyebrows. They must not be concealed by the frame or be visible through the lenses.

The glasses frame should be between the outer corner of the eye and the end of the temple.


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