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This Mistake We All Make by Getting Dressed When It's Cold

When the mercury plunges, our first reflex is often to stack the layers of clothing. But did you know that this method is only effective under certain conditions?

Winter is indeed here, it's time to take our warm clothes out of the closet starting with our trendy sweaters and other comfy knitwear, our cosy coats, under sweaters, gloves, and hats. On the other hand, if you think that superimposing all these layers of clothing will protect you from the cold, you are wrong. This technique is only effective under certain conditions. While it is essential to respect the number of layers, it is also necessary to pay attention to the order and choice of materials.

Great cold fashion: 3 layers of clothes, no more!

There is no question of protecting yourself from the cold at the expense of style. Exit the total camouflage look that will certainly weigh down the silhouette! To dress effectively in winter, be careful not to exceed 3 layers. Beyond that, you may get too hot and sweat easily. However, humidity is our beast when temperatures are around 0 degrees.

What materials effectively protect you from the cold?

The first layer will be in direct contact with your skin. To avoid perspiration and moisture, it must be breathable. Therefore, prefer undershirts or bodysuits made of natural fibre such as cotton. On the other hand, synthetic materials are avoided. You can also turn to thermoregulating fabric underpulls, perfectly adapted to cope with extreme cold.

In what order should you put on your clothes in the winter?

While the first layer will allow us to stay well dry, the second will have an insulating role. Choose a slightly warmer garment like a fleece sweater, or a trendy knit or turn to a pretty fleece. The last layer must protect you from the weather. It is better to be waterproof. If windproof coats, such as a parka or down jacket, will simply be perfect, you can also turn to more trendy models such as a quilted coat or an extra-large wool coat. Also think about accessories: gloves, hats and especially a scarf! Now that you know everything, the cold should no longer be a problem for you this autumn-winter 2022-2023.


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