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Those Things in Our Wardrobe That We Never Wear

We take out everything that lies in every nook and cranny of our wardrobes.

According to a fashion specialist, on average, we only wear about 20% of the clothes we own. This means that our wardrobes are full of clothes that will never see the light of day again ...

Come on, let's face it, apart from our favourite blouse and the straight skirt that looks great on us, we all have in our closet a dress that we have never removed the labels. Not true? And, right next to the jeans that we take out every weekend is this adorable jacket that we haven't worn for 15 years because we can't close the buttons. And what about that pair of shoes that you won't be able to put back on. Does that remind you of something?
But instead of blushing with shame because at the bottom of our drawers and cupboards are clothes that we will never wear, we roll up our sleeves. We take out everything that lies in every nook and cranny of our wardrobes, and we decide what to do with each piece of clothing.

The dress whose labels have never been removed

We had coveted it for months after seeing it in a magazine, and we kept going to try it in shops. But as its price exceeded our share of the budget allocated to clothing for special occasions, we came out empty-handed. Until the day it was paid. Our hearts were racing as we took it out of the rack, and all the time, the saleswoman wrapped it in tissue paper. Then we put it on a shelf while we waited for the opportunity to carry it. But since it never corresponded to what we needed on various occasions; it is still there. Maybe we save it for a special occasion? Our advice: wear it with confidence.

The beloved jacket that's now too small

It's the jacket we put on for job interviews, conferences, and all kinds of stressful times in our lives, but it has been hanging for years in our wardrobe, neglected. We can no longer close the buttons, and it squeezes us too much at the sleeves. We separate from it. No sentimentalism. We thank her for everything she did for us before donating it to charity. Then we treat ourselves to a new all-purpose jacket that will give us the same assurance.

The top we love but don't dare to wear

Is it for fear that our favourite clothes, by dint of being worn, will wear out too quickly? Perhaps we fear that regular washing will reduce their lifespan?

Shoes with damaged toes and broken heels

Our shoes are life tough: they take shock aftershock, and we will have to treat them with the utmost care if they are to last for years to come. But, caught in the hustle and bustle of modern life, they are often hastily removed at the end of the day or after a long night. However, it only takes a few minutes to maintain them: to keep the leather supple and prevent it from cracking, a special leather cream is applied; then we brush them to make them shine; and, finally, we look for any signs of wear. And if you can line them with paper to absorb moisture or slip wooden shoe trees into them, that's even better. Let's take good care of our shoes.


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