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Time to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe?

Here is the month of March. Soon the spring and the beautiful days will return, so much appreciated. You can already project yourself forward and start wearing brighter colours than those usually worn in the colder months. However, before you get down to shaping your springtime style, why not sort out your clothes? A good spring cleaning in your wardrobe will allow you to see more clearly and be more serene when you need to compose your morning outfits.

Panic to find an outfit to put on ...

Confused. Here is the term one could use to refer to one who, with the sunny days, struggles to find an outfit adapted to the new temperatures and clear skies. Do you recognise yourself? What do you have left? 10 minutes to prepare your outfit but, unfortunately, you can't find the top you loved so much last year. Difficult in such conditions to be Zen. It's a safe bet that out of the 10 minutes it takes for your evening or office outfit you will spend at least 5 looking for the piece you want to wear today.

Determined to find this garment, you search all over, yet you saw it the other day!

Panicked, you run right and left, up and down the stairs and begin to realise that it is a waste of time. Of the ten minutes you had, you only have two left. And you need to do your makeup yet ... So, there is only one solution left for you: give up the idea of wearing that outfit and fall back on the first clothes that come your way. You are absolutely not happy with this idea, and you know that you will spend the day (or the evening) regretting this outfit.

For an effective spring style: sort your clothes

Take our advice of the day: Nothing beats a good cleaning and efficient sorting in your wardrobe. If you've wasted time running around looking for your outfit, we invite you to take a few minutes to prevent this from happening again. You can, for example, sort your wardrobe to prepare for the arrival of spring. Follow our advice for building a practical and elegant wardrobe or this advice for arranging your dressing room effectively. If you find it difficult to sort effectively, take the time to find out why you can't make room in your wardrobe.

Good luck & Happy Spring!


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