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Tote Bag: How to Choose It Well and Wear It in Style?

A must have in the dressing room, the tote bag has the gift of being as practical as it is stylish. Discover all our tips and the latest news to find the right one.

Favourite bag of the working girl as well as the pressed mother, the shopping bag is as chic as it is practical. Perfect for slipping a computer, paperwork, or everyday objects, it adapts to all lifestyles, but also to all styles. Whether you are a fan of sportswear outfits, casual looks or girly silhouettes, the shopping bag is our best ally daily. And in the city, as well as at the beach, this it-bag follows us everywhere! For cutting-edge looks, here are all the trendy novelties that will have to be seized this season, not to mention our tips to wear them in style. What will be yours?

The new spring-summer 2022 trends to adopt

The undisputed king of bags, the shopping bag comes in cuts, materials, but also colours and prints that surf on the latest fashion trends!

Start by choosing it according to its shape and cut it rigid or flexible according to your desires! In a mini or maxi format depending on your morphology! Or with large or small handles.

On the material side, we appropriate it in leather for looks the top chic and refinement. In raffia or straw for summer looks. We also let ourselves be tempted by crochet or canvas and cotton shopping bags!

Who says spring-summer, necessarily says 100% vitamin looks? This season, we have the shopping bags in colours that throw them away. Fuchsia pink and flashy orange.

We also enjoy the motifs! The tropical inspiration that smells good in summer, psychedelic or flowery for the seventies look, not to mention the wild prints in leopard or zebra version... You will inevitably find your happiness.

One thing is certain: shopping bags will brighten up all our silhouettes this season with a snap of your fingers! And here are some tips for choosing the perfect model.

How to choose a shopping bag?

Quality before quantity! The rule applies to all fashion parts and accessories in our dressing room. For shopping bags, favour noble and resistant materials to combine comfort and style brilliantly.

For work, prefer a practical model with pockets and several compartments to store and classify all your belongings. For your everyday mops, it's up to you the models in fabrics, raffia, and soft cotton to slip everything that goes through your hand.

Regarding the issue of porting, we choose a model with a small handle, which is held by hand or under the elbow. For more comfort, opt for a model with larger handles so that you can place it on the shoulder, and even on the shoulder! It's up to you.

How to wear the shopping bag for looks at the top?

The shopping bag can be worn in all circumstances. Sometimes effortless, sometimes in a more casual vein, but also preppy chic version... It adapts to all styles. Our advice for modern and trendy silhouettes.

With jogging bottoms, a sweatshirt, and even trendy sneakers, we adopt the canvas shopping bag in its most sporty or leather version to counterbalance the style.

For a casual look that has everything good, opt for a rigid cotton or leather shopping bag. Mixed with trendy jeans, a pretty blouse, a mid-season coat and shoes like a chunky model, you will wreak havoc!

This summer, we adopt it in raffia or basket style with our beach dresses, our trendy swimsuits like the models with an inverted neckline and our favourite sandals!


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