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Traditions and Clothing Experiments in December!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The month of December has arrived and with it all its share of traditions: The tradition of gifts bought in advance or rushed to collect at the last minute, a tradition of time that we share with loved ones, this much-needed quality time. December is a parenthesis before embarking on a new year. The Christmas and New Year’s season is a break that you should use to regain your strength, look back on the past year, and think about tomorrow.

Are you afraid of panicking in front of your dressing room on the afternoon of December 24th? So here we give you our advice on how to dress to celebrate Christmas with the family?”

But by the way, it's not just for this occasion that you need to look after your outfit in December! The last month of the year is a perfect time to try new clothing experiences, in the office or at home. No, we are not going to tell you about the big patterned sweaters with reindeer head and snowflakes. To always be chic and trendy, and above all very feminine, try on pieces that you used to neglect in winter. Yes, dresses and skirts, long version, are allowed to be worn. You don't have to wait for the summer months to show off (a little) your legs and enjoy the lightness of a dress/skirt.

How to protect yourself from the cold with chic and elegance?

For you, winter doesn't mean snow, downhill and fun. Do you freeze as soon as you put your nose outside? Don't panic, we are here to help you protect yourself from the cold, with chic and elegance.

Fashion tips for the cold.

The cold is not going to break your style in winter, let's face it. Sleeveless dresses, small tops, fitted jackets… You can wear everything in winter!

Wear a dress in winter.

No, it's not crazy to want to wear a dress in winter. It is possible, and even very trendy. How to do? There are dresses designed for the cool season, made of wool or thick materials. But you can also wear your little summer dresses, especially sleeveless dresses. Choose models with a good length (at least at knee level), but nothing prevents you from showing your arms. The trick is to wear a long sleeve top underneath. Also, since your arms will not be overloaded with thicknesses, you can wear a fitted jacket over them. Discover our selection of dresses.

Bet on sweaters.

To protect against the cold, the sweater remains an essential item of clothing. But beware of received ideas. Sweaters don't have to be very thick and very wide. On the contrary even. Wear a sweater close to the body to keep the heat in. Indeed, it is the air spaces between the layers of clothing that make you feel cold. So, with a tank top (or under-sweater) add a sweater over it, you will be warm. Even the most cautious will be conquered.


To stay cool, the rule is to layer and multi-layered. Good news, it's trending. Tank top, t-shirt, sweater and jacket, dare to add layers and let certain fabric elements stick out. Try it out. You will see that a small top under a dress can give you real elegance.

Low temperatures, even negative, are coming! When the freshness arrives and it forces us to no longer go out casually with a simple top or a small blouse, we have to act! Quick, hat, double scarf, coat. We cover ourselves ... We must pick sweaters and other cardigans from the dressing room. Style question, we will resume our fashionista life in the spring. Winter, a time when we are all doomed to wear heavy stitches and to make a cross on its appearance?

But no! Even in winter, it is possible to protect yourself from the cold with style and elegance.


“Winter dressing is all about having chic outerwear.” – George Kotsiopoulos



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