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Trapeze Dress: How to Wear It in Style?

The trapeze dress, like the denim jacket or leather jacket, is one of the essential and timeless pieces of the women's wardrobe.

The trapeze dress is everywhere. Comfortable and feminine, it can be worn in many ways provided you know how to exploit its full potential. Find our tips to adapt it perfectly to your morphology.

With its geometric cut and length above the knee subtly revealing the legs, the trapezoidal dress is part of a new resolutely modern phase. It participates in the emancipation of women in the same way as the mini skirt. The fabric hugs the body at the bust and the cut is flared from the waist.
Which trapeze dress to choose according to its morphology?

It has the advantage of adapting and is suitable for all morphologies, whether small, large, thin or round. We reveal everything to you not to make mistakes...
When you are tall, a dress with a maximum length for daywear is recommended. It will give the illusion of infinite legs.

Which trapezoidal dress to wear when you have shapes, an O-shaped or oval morphology, it is better to favour a wide cut and a fluid model to hide the curves of the belly and/or hips. It refines the silhouette and will highlight your chest with a pretty V-neckline.

A morphology also called pyramid or triangle: for those with a silhouette where the chest, shoulders and belly are thinner than the hips, buttocks and/or thighs. You must opt for a model that is not too wide, flared down and draw your gaze upwards.
H morphology, your shapes are a little marked. Your body follows a straight line, with equal width shoulders/size and shoulders/hips. It makes it possible to structure and lengthen the silhouette and soften angular shapes.

V-shaped or inverted pyramid morphology, the volume is greater on the upper body. The shoulders are broad and the chest quite large while the hips and legs are thinner. It is a question with the trapeze dress of rebalancing the morphology by creating a volume at the hips.

X-shaped morphology, in other words when your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment and your waist, is marked, the well-fitting dress at the bust will highlight your wasp size. The same goes for the 8-shaped morphology, for women whose shoulders are rounded and align with the curve of the hips.

How to wear a trapezoidal dress and with which jacket?

Plain, polka dot, Liberty print, belted, with or without sleeves, the choice is gargantuan. In order not to get lost in this maze of possibilities, here are our little tips for successful looks.
Many jackets adapt to the trapezoidal dress, summer, and winter.

In summer, a light dress with a ruffled floral print with a denim jacket will give you a romantic and bohemian look. Choose a short jacket to mark and refine your size. For the feet, there is nothing like pretty sandals with knotted heels or bare feet with a platform. If you do not want to wear heels and want to move more easily, choose plain white sneakers that match everything.

Opt for a long-sleeved trapeze dress in winter or autumn accompanied by the inevitable trench coat. For a nod to the 60s, put on your most beautiful white heel boots and voila! The look, both retro and futuristic, will be unanimous!

Now it's up to you to play ladies!


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