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Trend 2023: The Split Pants That Sublimate the Silhouette Are the Most Fashionable of the Moment

The split pants had disappeared from traffic, but for a few seasons, we have been witnessing its return to grace.

Recognizable by its ten-centimetre hem split at the bottom of the legs, the split pant has become the sharpest black suit pants of the moment, thanks to its small ultra-fashion detail.

Split pants, also known as side-split pants, are certainly a trend in the fashion industry. These pants feature a split or cut-out on the side that can range from a small slit to a large opening, revealing a portion of the leg. This style can add an element of edge and drama to an outfit and help elongate the silhouette.
Split pants are versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending
on the occasion. They can be paired with heels for a more formal look or sneakers for a more casual look. They also come in various fabrics, from denim to leather, so there is a style to suit every taste.

While split pants are a current trend, it is essential to note that fashion is constantly evolving, and what is popular now may be different in the future. If you like the look of split pants, there's no reason not to
incorporate them into your wardrobe and make them work for you.
The split pant: how to wear it well?

Exit the female, masculine side. This new split pant is the ultra-feminine version of the somewhat strict tailored pants that we know. Wear it with a classic or lavallière collar impeccable shirt, an elegant jacket matching the pants or even another colour to slice. Also, think of the classic XXL bathrobe as very fashionable this season and will, if necessary, warm up this outfit. Then to highlight your kick, favour heeled pumps or jewellery sandals that will be on the front line thanks to this split hem. They will make you gain a few centimetres by lengthening your leg for a wow effect! Don't forget to accessorize with a leather pouch and minimalist gold or silver jewellery to perfect your outfit.

Another style is the jeans split pant version that you can choose in black, grey, ivory or faded. Play the cowgirl spirit with a fringed or woolly skin jacket, a fringed sweater, a checked shirt, and santiag-style boots. A gold leather bag will bring an ultra-desirable western chic touch!

Which split pants to choose according to your morphology?

If you opt for thick-stooled sneakers, heeled boots, or heeled derbies for the chic version, you have endless legs! The flared or bootcut model highlights all morphologies. Low-waisted version highlights silhouettes with a sporty V-shaped build or even H-shaped morphologies when the shoulders and hips are aligned. On the other hand, if the split pant is tight, it will benefit women with a thin and marked waist (X morphology). But remember that the split pants lengthen the leg.


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