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Trendy Pendant Earrings in 2023: How to Wear Them Right!

True essentials of the women's dressing room, earrings elegantly dress the wearing of heads. Whether imposing or rather discreet, they complement our outfits with class. To be at the top this season, we bet on hanging earrings! Discover the latest news and our tips for wearing this fashion jewellery.

Any self-respecting fashionista knows that accessories should never be ignored. As important as the handbag, the jewellery should not be neglected, because it elegantly punctuates a look. And if there is a jewel that puts all women in agreement, it is the earrings. Putting on your favourite pair before leaving has become a reflex rooted in our morning routine. Whether we have a jewellery box that overflows with more unique models than each other or whether we have a small collection that we would exchange for nothing in the world, some earrings highlight us more than others.

Hoops, fleas, sleepers... To reach this pair that will sublimate the face. Like all timeless pieces, earrings are influenced by the fashion trends of the moment and the fashion sphere has rendered its verdict: to be at the top this year 2023, you will have to wear hanging earrings. The good news, it flatters all face shapes, regardless of the hairstyle you choose or if you wear glasses.

Asymmetrical, mono: what are the trendy pendant earrings this season?
Thanks to their refined shape, the hanging earrings instantly dress the wearing of the head. Whether we choose a long model that would almost flirt with our collarbone or opt for a small discreet pair, everything is allowed this winter. Only one watchword for earrings hanging this winter: finesse. The trendiest models are those made of fine materials, which do not weigh down the ears. Models composed of thin chains will be popular this season. Delicate, light, and elegant, they flatter all faces regardless of morphology.

For even more sensuality, we choose shooting pendant earrings. Very chic and sober, you can never go wrong with this model. Hanging earrings with sparkling stones are also essential to wear without moderation day and night. A casual outfit will immediately become classier when an evening outfit is more sublimated. They will even be the only ones to make an exception to the rule, an XXL model will be anything but nerdy! Other timeless ones such as pearls, hoop earrings or sleepers will reinvent themselves to form perfect earrings hanging at the forefront of trends.

As much in vogue in the dress department as at jewellers, asymmetrical hanging earrings will be all the rage this winter. One long loop, the other very short, different colours, complementary fancy models, it doesn't matter, the main thing is to play with the differences to attract the eye. It is also for this reason that mono-pendant earrings are very trendy!

When can I wear hanging earrings?
It does not take a special opportunity to wear hanging earrings. With the multitude of models that exist, you can build a collection to wear every day and one for events. Another ultra-trendy fashion alternative is contrast. Wearing very chic hanging earrings with a casual outfit is not strange, it is even the originally recommended touch to pimp your outfit.

Glasses, bun, oval face: how do I know if the hanging earrings suit me?
Depending on the hairstyle, the shape of the glasses or the face, some hanging earrings suit us better than others. Tying your hair clears headwear and attracts more attention to the ears. Whether you style your hair in a ponytail or a bun, opting for a pair of hanging earrings is therefore an idea, because it will dress the face. Notice to fashionistas who wear glasses, you adapt your pair of pendant earrings to avoid too much effect. When you have thick glasses, you rather bet on a pair of discreet curls, little sleepers will do very well. When you have a thinner frame, you can allow yourself more imposing hanging earrings, but while respecting the rules of proportions. In heart, round, square, oval... The shape of the face can also influence the choice of earrings. To avoid false notes, we do not choose models of hanging earrings that look like our faces. If you have a round face, you will turn to hang earrings with thin chains, because this will refine the features. For a square or heart face, it is rather advisable to wear rounded earrings to soften. A pair of hanging hoop earrings will be the ideal choice! And for those who are lucky enough to have an oval face, put what you like because you can afford everything! Be careful not to choose a model that is too long not to amplify the length.


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