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Ultra-Trendy Blazers This Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

Symbol of elegance, the blazer jacket is a must-have in the women's wardrobe. A real timeless, the blazer reinvents itself every season to sublimate all silhouettes. In velvet or wool, curved or oversized...

With its structured cut and lapel collar that flatters any neckline, the blazer jacket has long since risen to the rank of it-piece and is not ready to fall from its pedestal. Borrowed from the men's wardrobe, the blazer is the final touch of a look that will give an elegant look in all circumstances. In addition to being stylish and easy to wear, this timeless combination with everything is worn on any occasion and brings this chic I don't know what to all silhouettes. It is therefore not surprising that this ultra-desirable piece is back this autumn to style-g all our seasonal looks.

To enhance the fashion quotient of our outfits, the blazer reinvents itself at the end of the year while surfing the latest fashion trends. With new materials, new cuts or original colours, the blazer jacket is available from every angle to meet the requirements of all fashionistas.

Trends to bet on

The blazer jacket is a wardrobe basic that does not escape the influence of the latest trends. If the classic black blazer remains an essential fashion to wear without moderation this autumn, it's time to let yourself be tempted by new fashion nuggets capable of twisting our looks but always with elegance. At the end of the year, vintage is at the top of the fashion sphere, so we let ourselves be tempted by retro models from the 1970s! Velvet, especially ribbed, is the most popular material among fashionistas. Because vintage is chic, the leather blazer, an emblem of the 90s, will also be a must-have not to be missed. The ideal opportunity to bring out your old fetish jacket without being rind Gard but rather ultra-trendy!

Other chic materials par excellence will transform our casual investigates into elegant outfits. To do this, we turn to check, striped patterns but also rooster feet. For the most daring or simply to give pep to an outfit, we dare the leopard print blazer that brings the rock'n'roll touch while remaining chic. On the palette side, autumn colours such as brown, green, and purple will obviously have the rating but why not be tempted by a pink blazer, THE flagship colour of the season? Finally, whatever model you choose, the important thing is to bet on a straight or oversized cut to avoid a too strict silhouette.

How and with what to wear a blazer in autumn-winter?

A true fashion chameleon, the blazer stylishly complements all our outfits, day, and night. You still need to know how to appropriate this jacket at the top of elegance. Whether we play casual, total look version or ultra-glam, the possibilities are indeed endless.

For a casual-chic look during the day, we combine the blazer with a beautiful solid-colour blouse and flare jeans, all enhanced by a pretty pair of trendy heeled boots. It is quite possible to switch the jeans with a long skirt that will bring more femininity. Another look idea to mark minds effortlessly is with a blazer jacket, we wear this it-piece with a maxi turtleneck sweater in wide pants. Little advice, to nuance an outfit that is a little too classic, we put on our most beautiful basketballs that will break the codes with style!

Because a total look is always the promise of a lengthy outfit, we do not hesitate to adopt it! A nice trouser suit set is the ideal alternative to be chic in all circumstances. During the day we opt for shimmering colours such as pink or blue and in the evening, we adorn ourselves with a set of dark colours worn without anything underneath to play the card of 100% sensuality! For icy days or evenings, the superposition trend is still in vogue, so it is without hesitation that we put on your most beautiful coat over our blazer. Enough to spend the autumn warm while being stylish from head to toe.


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