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Vests and Cardigans: How to Choose Them Well and Wear Them in Style?

As cosy and even more stylish as the sweater, here is the vest and its cousin the cardigan. Between cut, length, and colour, we tell you everything to choose the model best suited to your style and desires. And to your morphology too!

Short, long, black, colourful, buttoned or unbuttoned: there are as many models of vests and cardigans as there are different ways to wear them! So yes, the vest requires more effort and imagination in the morning when dressing and composing your outfit but sulking about it would be really a shame. Because well accessorised, the vest and cardigan can be worn as a sweater as well as a trendy jacket. Learn right away how to tame its versatile side to properly wear the vest and/or cardigan.

If you swear by high-waisted jeans, it's up to you, the short and close-fitting vests, and cardigans. They alone will allow you to balance the silhouette between the top and bottom. To play the safe bet, choose it preferably in black cotton buttoned up to the collar. For more fantasy, dare a flashy wool cropped model worn wide open on a simple white t-shirt: it should be enough to illuminate your whole look.

Small tip for those who do not like cropped volumes: pretend with a long vest either by tying your sides around the navel (exactly as you do in the summer with your shirt) or by lining it with a large belt. But be careful, this trick can also quickly weigh down the silhouette if you already have some localised curves.

To pimp a little black dress and make it more daily, nothing better than an emerald, green or pink vest, two of the three trendy colours of autumn-winter. Allow yourself even more fantasy by choosing a model knitted with stripes or twists! Guaranteed effect on slender girls especially if they add a pair of dechunk boots to their feet.

Finally, if you never wear anything but long dresses with a bohemian spirit, play coolness to the end by replacing your winter coats with long fluffy wool cardigans. If the bottom of your dress is black or beige, it's up to you, the vests and cardigans tinged with a camel. If your dress background is closer to red, surf the shades of colours by choosing a fuchsia, bubble-gum pink, or burgundy red model. This is by far the most suitable look to sublimate women with luscious silhouettes.

Should (always) button everything?

Whether it's a V-neck or a round neck, nothing obliges you to wear your buttoned vest or cardigan from top to bottom. Do not see the buttons as a constraint, but rather as an additional possibility to have fun with them.
Little clarification: do not focus only on the top buttons. No rule prohibits wearing your buttoned vest or cardigan only at the top and open at the bottom: by doing so, you will reveal a little more of what you wear underneath - whether it's a classic shirt or a sexier crop top.

How to wear a dress with a vest or cardigan?

Three solutions are available to you:
1. You wear them unbuttoned: it's the least headache, the one that allows you to see that you are wearing a dress under your vest and/or cardigan. In this case, avoid too-long models that may have the unfortunate tendency to compact the silhouette and prefer short vests. Cut close to the body or oversized, it's up to you. And to boost your look a little more, do not hesitate to roll up the sleeves of your vest to show those of your dress: dynamic printing guaranteed!

2. You wear them well buttoned like a sweater to cover a dress a little too chic for work: by doing so, you will "dramatize" your dress, and everyone will feel like you are wearing a skirt with a vest, not a dress with a vest. A practical tip, especially if you go out in the evening: you just remove your vest (or cardigan) to reveal your festive dress!

3. You wear them belted to turn them into a jacket: when the weather permits, belting your vest or cardigan over your dress makes it very easy to adopt the Cabin Core style. But be careful, for this, it takes a minimum length to be able to lightly coat your knit.


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