Ways to Customise Your Old Clothes to Make Them Trendy Again

Can't get rid of certain pieces that you love but don't wear anymore (they are too old or out of fashion)? We offer you 6 easy ways to transform them to give them a second life.

These DIY tips, without a sewing step, will give you ideas for customising your old clothes.

Turn your jeans into shorts

Your favourite old jeans still fit perfectly on your hips, buttocks and thighs, but their fit is no longer in fashion? Do not get rid of it! The internet is full of tutorials for transforming your denim pants into shorts with a few scissors. Opt for a frayed style or shorts with a rolled-up hem (in this case, remember to keep a little extra length when cutting). A quick tip: Always draw a chalk line before you take action to make sure you cut straight. Use sewing scissors or, failing that, a sharp pair that cuts well. Finally, note that jeans made of stretch material are not great to be shortened. They could create an unflattering form-fitting effect.

... Or give it a vintage effect