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Ways To Wear a Belt

It twists and outfits and structures the silhouette in the blink of an eye. Worn high waist, on a jacket, like a headband, in long ribbon... Our idea is to adopt it with class and originality.

Long considered a 100% practical accessory, the belt now has its place in the rank of the must-haves of the dressing room. Some collect them, others have only one or two who fight in a duel, in any case, the belt comes back in force, says the shows, and dress sizes more than ever in style.

Otherwise used than just to hold jeans that yawn, it has more than one trick in the bag to bring this little rejuvenation to an old coat or shirt deemed shapeless. We will therefore like it to be enclosed in loose pieces to feminise and energise everything.

Without moderation, we use and abuse the belt, to wear a high waist for a divine look or a low waist for a loose but studied effect. And even at an angle now for a graphic style and all in modernity.

In a corset way, it will refine, knotted ribbon version and during, it will give this romantic touch to perfection on a long silhouette.

In classic leather, elasticated for the sporty side, all thin or even scoubidou style, it comes in a thousand and one options to meet all expectations in terms of style, but also all morphologies. And will allow it to be worn where it is not necessarily expected.

On the colour side, the right option remains to choose it as a reminder with its shoes or handbag to be totally connected. Some designers like Gucci also dare to mix & match for a look as colourful as it is trendy.


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