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Wearing a White Shirt After 50: The Right Attitude

Whether it adds sophistication to weekend jeans or shifts our evening outfits, this is the best style, essential in any dressing room! Our advice is so that this basic sticks nicely to your skin.

Reconcile white shirt and small belly

First, you resist the urge to hide your curves in a loose shirt that you wear over your pants: bag effect assured. On the contrary, we prefer a very simple, masculine model, in a little rigid poplin, without stretch that marks or darts at the waist. Tuck into your pants or skirt and have a blouse to blur your belly. You can also draw attention to other parts of the body: roll up your sleeves to reveal your wrists and a few bracelets, wear characterful earrings...

Feminising the white shirt

The ideal white shirt, the one that brings an interesting shift to casual or feminine pieces, remains the shirt you would have stolen from a man. To counterbalance its masculine look, we obviously pair it with a straight, flowing skirt… but also with 7/8 trousers that reveal the ankles. Delicate materials such as satin or cheerful prints (wax, etc.) can also balance the silhouette. Finally, nothing like opening a few buttons, raising the collar, and wearing a long necklace for an instant glamorous touch.

Opulent shirt and chest

White shirt for all! With a generous neckline, we opt for a model in soft poplin one size above yours, just to save yourself the buttons that pull. We wear it slightly open, low-cut over a camisole, to enhance its shape. To compensate for the extra fabric, we do not hesitate to bend the shirt with a pretty belt to draw the waist and to roll up the sleeves to structure the silhouette.


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