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Wearing The Midi Skirt!

After experiencing its heyday in the 1950s, the midi skirt has gradually gained a somewhat dated reputation, although it has always remained a timeless style. Back in the spotlight this season, we tell you how to wear it without getting old.

Flow with the proportions

The midi skirt tends to compress the silhouette, so it's important - unless you're slim - to wear heels to balance the proportions. Choose short jackets, especially if the midi skirt has a high waist. With a flared skirt, choose a top close to the body. You will belt to emphasise the waist and feminise the silhouette.

On the other hand, with the straight-cut midi skirt, do not hesitate to wear a more supple and ample top such as a blouse, a soft sweater, or a shirt.

The right materials!

To escape the too classic side of this skirt, bet on materials that will make it more current such as leather, jeans, velvet, very fashionable this season, or even a tweed for party nights. This is the highlight of the look: depending on your accessories, you can make it sophisticated or relaxed.

Bet on the right accessories!

To modernise it, we prefer to set our sights on a pair of riders, wedge boots or very high and elegant heels for the evening. If you are tall, you can break the heel rule by breaking the classic side of the midi skirt with more trendy flat boots or chic sneakers. Depending on the style you want to give to your figure, a box bag, slung, fringed, or just a clutch for the evening will set the tone. Finally, do not deprive yourself of jewellery, earrings, long necklaces, or the accumulation of bracelets.

Mix styles!

To succeed in staying modern by wearing the midi skirt, you must go beyond its timeless and classic look. Forget the cardigan in nude or pastel tones. Instead, opt for a striped sweater, a cashmere, a graphic sweater that will be worn over the skirt, accompanied by a leather jacket, jeans, or a blazer. It's all about the balance between proportions and style. It's your turn!


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