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Wearing the Trendy Arty Motif: A Guide to the Latest Prints

From bold colours and prints to modern silhouettes, art-inspired fashion is making a statement this season. For the perfect art-inspired look, mix and match different elements to create a unique and stylish ensemble.

When it comes to art-inspired fashion, the key is to choose pieces that make a statement. For a bold look, opt for bright colours, vibrant prints, and unique silhouettes.

Don't be afraid to accessorise with art! Jewellery, handbags, and scarves are all great ways to add a touch of art to your look. Look for pieces that feature bold colours, unique prints, and modern shapes for a truly art-inspired look.

Shoes are an important part of any outfit, and art-inspired fashion is no exception. Look for shoes that feature bold colours, unique prints, and modern silhouettes to complete your art-inspired look.

Stop the preconceived ideas! Prints are not the prerogative of filiform women. If you have curves, don't ignore the arty motifs, very popular this season. Provided you choose them well and dose them.

Whether small or large, prints are suitable for all morphologies. The idea is to choose both modern and stylish patterns like the arty prints that are popular this winter. Inspired by pictorial art and graphic design, these prints have invaded the catwalks of the autumn-winter 2022/23 shows and the bearings of your favourite shops. Before setting your sights on a model, follow our tips for wearing them.

Arty prints: what is it?

Around the 1950s, art and fashion influenced each other and gave rise to highly stylish collaborations between Mondrian and Yves Saint Laurent, or earlier between Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli. Today, artistic associations are legion between contemporary artists or stylists and clothing brands. The arty print electrifies fashion with its geometric shapes, graffiti, or geometric shapes. With pop or black and white colours, they are available in all rooms of the fashion wardrobe, in all fabrics and for all morphologies.

What arty prints to wear when you are round?

Perfect to bring a touch of fantasy to your looks, these prints must be mixed with a solid colour piece. Allow yourself medium-sized graphics with contrasting effects. To hide your small complexes in the thighs and stomach, the knee-length or half-calf dress is a good idea. Add a belt to highlight your waist and structure the silhouette and a nice pair of boots. Also, dare the fluid pants with arty patterns combined with a denim shirt for more modernity. A blazer jacket marked with these patterns will upgrade your style but be sure to combine it with a solid outfit so as not to overload the silhouette. On the colour side, the possibilities are numerous, duets of colours such as pink and white, black, and white, or multi-coloured tones will bring joy to your looks.

Mistakes to avoid

Mix several prints at once because it is an assured lack of taste. Also, avoid prints that give too much volume. On the size side, there is no question of drowning in clothes that are too large or sulking in models that are too tight to look thinner. Finally, on the colour side, run away from all fluorescent or too garish shades...


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