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What Dress to Wear When You Have a Belly? Tips to Camouflage It

A belly a little too round can sometimes complicate us or restrict us on the wardrobe side. Know that a dress with a well-chosen cut will be your best ally to display a pretty silhouette.

It is a recurring complex for many women, but there are - fortunately! - solutions to be beautiful in a dress and feminine at will. From the choice of suitable underwear to the right cut or the material and colours.

Choose suitable lingerie for a slimming effect

This is rule number 1! With underwear in line with your morphology, you will feel much more comfortable. In the era of lingerie and other slimming and sculpting swimsuits, it has become easier to smooth some defects or complexes with a snap of a finger. The bra obviously has a key role to play, especially for strong breasts, which must ensure optimal support. Bodysuits and other high sheathing panties are also unparalleled options to visually remove curves or bulges that are considered unsightly.

Focus on the right materials for a harmonious silhouette

As in our tips to refine its size, the thicker the material and body, the more it will flatter your silhouette. So, take care to choose it well to have a most harmonious fall. So, exit the too tight like the Stretch. In summer, allow yourself fluid and more flexible materials that glide on the skin with a homogeneous look. Finally, we are aimed more specifically at matte materials at the expense of the brightest that mark more.

Adopt the right cut dresses

First, stop preconceived ideas: cuts that are too large will not necessarily benefit you and would even go against the expected result. So, we find a middle ground with more classic models and can highlight other pretty assets: beautiful neckline, long legs, or a rounded buttock, which will divert attention and highlight your strengths!

The empire waist dress, with its flared cut that starts from the chest, does wonders to camouflage a round belly.

The trapezoidal dress is also a preferred track with its flared cut at the bottom that clears the legs and thus balances the silhouette.

Finally, the wrap dress will also be perfect for clearing the neck and thus highlighting your neckline, without forgetting to mark your size. Just like the tunic dress, an accomplice of our summer, which we choose rather short to avoid the "bag" effect.

Avoid extra detail for a perfect line

Avoid steering wheels, frills and other overlay games that would only accentuate your complex in this area. Just like drapes, provided they remain lighter in this place. There is no point in adding too much volume, quite the contrary.

Opt for the right clothing colours

Of course, treat yourself with your favourite shades. While knowing that dark colours are thin and will therefore be much more flattering. We therefore necessarily have a small black dress (or even several versions) in your wardrobe. On the printed side, we recommend choosing light patterns while subtlety and avoiding vertical stripes that stretch the silhouette.


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